My Angry Bird Themed Birthday Party

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Hello everyone! I am too excited this week. First, we are about to go on a trip this weekend and secondly I had the best birthday party ever! Yes I had my birthday this week and dadda and mumma planned an ‘Angry Bird’ themed birthday party. It was all too much fun.

I love playing Angry Birds with dadda, so he said it would be the perfect theme for my birthday party. Mumma made handmade invitation cards that looked like the angry birds and pigs and some even in the shape of the golden eggs. I helped mumma colour them and dadda wrote the invitation message inside them. I invited many school friends and a few children from the neighbourhood.

Everything else was also designed to match the theme. Mumma ordered a wonderful cake with pictures of Angry Birds on it. It just looked amazing and tasted yum! She also got cookies that had angry birds on them. The pig pudding the served in little cups with pig picture on them. They were perfectly green in colour! Birthdays are incomplete without candies, so dadda got the best candies for my birthday party.

The candies were wrapped in red papers and decorated as red angry birds. He also got some egg shaped candies that looked perfectly like the golden eggs. She alsoarranged for Angry Bird popcorns. The table was also decorated to match the Angry Bird theme.Everything looked so nice and perfect for the Angry Bird birthday party theme.

The entire living room was also filled up with Angry Bird and Pig balloons and decorated with Angry Bird banner and crepe paper decorations. Dadda got Angry Bird masks for us and also arranged for some tattoos. He also organised an egg-hunt game for us. He hid some surprise gifts inside the eggs, so everyone was sure to get something. For return gifts, mumma packed Angry Bird goodies like small Angry Bird balls, stickers, candies, etc. inside little bags. She packed the goody bags very nicely.

The party started around 7 in the evening and everyone arrived on time. All my friends were so excited to see everything decorated in the Angry Bird theme. When everyone arrived, I cut the cake. All my friends sang the ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song for me. The cake was delicious and I had two pieces. Then we got tattoos on our hands. All the tattoos were unique – I had a red bird, my friend got a pig, someone got a blue bird, etc. Then we played games and hada lot of fun. It was the best birthday party ever!

I also received a lot of gifts from my friends; I am too excited to open them. I am very happy; I hope we had birthdays every month, so that we could have so much fun every month. I had a great day and now I am excited about our road trip this week.

Daddy Will Take Us on a Surprise Trip

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I am in a very happy mood today. Why? We will be going on an exciting road trip in the last week of April. Dadda loves travelling and he is always ready to go out and have fun! Last time when we went to India, we had a lot of fun. So I am really very excited to go on this trip again.

Mumma and dadda planned this road trip. She said a lot of people take this trip every year and this year we would be exploring this new place. It is known as the “Giant Causeway Road Trip”. Though I don’t have any idea about the place or the things that we will be doing there, it sounds very exciting. Dadda said it is famous for the scenic beauties; that means I think we are going to explore the nature quite closely. Dadda said we should not forget to take our cameras, so I am sure it is an amazing place!

It will be a three day trip and not much time is left, so we have to start planning right away. Mumma said there are some beaches, so I have told her to take my swimsuits, so that we can have fun on the beach. I will also take my beach set and other toys so that I can play with dadda. I will also take my drawing book and colour pencils, so that I can draw the scenery and show it to my friends. I have also told dadda to bring a lot of chips, juices and other snacks so that we can eat whatever we want and whenever we want.

I want to learn more about the place, so that I can prepare myself accordingly. Mumma said she will help me know about the road trip on the Internet this weekend. She also said she will show me pictures about the places we are going to travel. All this sounds too exciting and I can’t wait to go on this road trip. I told my best friend about this trip and she said she wants to join us. I asked mumma whether she can join us; so she said she will talk to her mother if they can join us.

I promised her I will bring her some gifts from the place we are going to go, if she is not able to join us for the trip. Last time I got her many gifts from India and she liked them a lot. I got a pretty dress for her from India which she wears to school sometimes.

I can’t tell you much about the trip now, since I don’t know anything, but I promise I tell you about everything when I come back from the trip. I will also take pictures and share them with you, so that you can also enjoy sceneries. It is quite late now and I got to sleep now. So good bye and wait until I tell you about the amazing trip!