Why is it good to have grandparents at home?

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My grandparents are coming to live with us next week and I am super excited about it. I had a great time with my grandma and grandpa, last time we visited India and I have been telling them to visit us since then. But for some reasons they were not able to come. Last night dad came back home and told grandma called him to say, they would be coming to live with us in London for a month. Isn’t that great news!

I love living with grandma and grandpa; they love me so much that they do whatever I tell them to do. Today morning I was talking with mumma and I asked what I can do with grandma and grandpa when they visit us. She told me there are many things we can do together – we can go for morning walk, share secrets, do homework together, listen stories and even visit some places. She also said that having grandparents is very important. Just as mumma and dadda have significant roles in a child’s life; grandparents also have an important role to play.

She said being elders they provide us all kinds of support and advice whenever required. Mumma said when I was very small they can to live with us and they took very good care of me. Grandma helped mumma feed me, take care of me when I was sick and she would even read me stories every night. Grandpa would take me out for a walk every morning. Once I had a bad cold and mumma was very confused about what to do. Grandma told her about some home remedies to cure cold. She tried them and I was back to normal within two days.

Mumma says, grandparents are very experienced, so we should learn from them. They have seen the world and handled many situations, so they can help us solve our problems. Grandparents can become our friends, mentors or even caregivers when required. But we should also take care of them whenever required. Being old, they are fragile and they need our support. They might even fall ill and need our care. So we should look after them, just the way they care for us when we need them.

I want my grandparents to live with me forever! There are many things that I want to do with them and there are many places I want to take them to. But mumma says, they won’t be able to stay with us forever. Grandpa has his work back in India and grandma has other people to look after. But I will make sure I enjoy with them a lot and make many memories. Once they go back, I will visit them whenever possible!

I want to buy some special gifts for my grandparents, so I have asked mumma to take me to the gift shop! I am waiting eagerly for their arrival; hope the day comes soon!

We Have a New Guest at Home – Goldy!

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Yes we have a new guest at our home and she will be staying with us for a week. Her name is Goldy! She is my friend’s goldfish. My friend is going on a trip for a week and she has asked me to take care of her goldfish. I wanted to bring a pet home, but mumma said I need to grow up a bit to be able to take care of a pet. Since I got Goldy, I will show mumma that I can take care of pets even now.

Goldy is very beautiful – she has a beautiful tail and her skin looks like real gold! It is so shiny! She also responds to her name. I was a bit afraid to bring Goldy home, since I was not sure whether I would be able to take care of her. But now I am quite confident. My friend has given me a chart that lists everything from her food habits, sleeping time, water change and everything else. She has also given me some fish foods that I will be feeding her throughout the week.

Mumma and dadda have also fallen in love with Goldy, so I think they won’t stop me from bringing a pet anymore. I did some research about goldfishes, before bringing Goldy home, so that I can take good care of her. While studying about goldfishes, I came across some interesting facts like:

  • Goldfishes can recognise human faces
  • With proper care, goldfishes can live up to 40 years
  • Goldfishes are available in variety of shapes and colours
  • Goldfishes can see more colours than humans
  • They love eating fishes!
  • Goldfishes can’t blink

There were many more interesting facts about goldfishes. I also read a lot about caring for goldfishes.

My friend has decorated Goldy’s home very beautifully! She lives in a large round bowl. It has layers of colourful stones, a fountain and a small house. It looks beautiful! My friends told me I don’t need to change the water, if it is not too dirty. I need to feed her twice daily with fish food!

Goldy is the first pet in my life and I am very excited to have her. I love pets and wish I could have Goldy forever! I know that is not possible, because my friend also loves her too much! But I promised I will take best car of her. I have kept Goldy in my room, so that I can talk to her and spend a lot of time with her. I promised her that I will draw her photo and keep it with me forever.

One more thing I forgot to share with you all! Goldy loves music, so now we are going to turn on some music and enjoy it together. Do you have pets at your home? Tell me about them. I would love to hear about them from you!