Going to Swimming for the First Time

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This week has been very exciting for me. After I had a great time at the zoo, it was time to go for swimming for the first time. All these days I have been playing in my kiddie pool at the backyard but it is time now to go to a real pool. Dadda said, I should learn swimming, since it is a good form of exercise and it is good for my health. Mumma and dadda can swim very well, so they will start giving me swimming lessons from this week onwards.

Dadda said he will buy me a new swim suit, swim goggles and some floating device. So we will go to the shopping mall today evening. Mumma said, we will start with kicking the legs and try to float in the water. Next I will have to learn to blow bubbles in water and put the head under the water holding back the breath. Seems it would be tough. But if mumma and dadda are with me, I am sure I can do it.

I asked dadda, how long will it take to learn to swim? He said, it depends on how well I learn the first steps. He also said, we will go for the swimming lessons regularly, so that I can learn it quickly. Dadda also said that I should be serious when he teaches me how to swim, because he will be my teacher and we should do whatever our teachers tell us to do. I said, what would I do, if I get afraid? Dadda replied, he will let me have fun for some time before we actually start the swimming lessons, so that the fear goes away. He also assured that mumma and dadda will be there to look after me, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Mumma told me a funny story about her swimming lessons. She started with the doggie paddle and while she was practising it, she became upside down and drank a lot of water from the pool. She was very afraid to get back to the pool, but then my granny gave her all the courage so she went back and learned how to swim. Mumma said, if I want to learn swimming quickly, I will have to drink lots of milk and eat well, so that I become strong. So I will drink all the milk mumma gives me from tomorrow morning, so that I can swim very well.

Tomorrow will be my first day at the swimming pool and I am very excited about it. I told my friend about my swimming lessons with my dadda; she said she also loves to go to the pool and have fun with her parents. The where we will be going, will have lots of other children. I hope I make good friends there, so that we can have fun in the water. Dadda promised he will come back early from work and take me for the swimming lessons. I will keep you updated about my lessons and tell you how quickly I learnt swimming!

My First Visit to the Zoo

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Hello everyone! I am here again with another exciting story. Last week we went to the zoo. It was an amazing experience! It was my first time and I want to go there again. Mumma had been telling me stories about animals and how they live their lives in the forest, but I couldn’t see anything more than cats and dogs in my everyday life.

Last time when I was reading about wild animals, I told Dadda that I want to see them face to face. Dadda instantly said, we are going to the zoo this weekend. Mumma was a little reluctant, since it was my first visit to the zoo but she agreed quickly. I was so excited about the plan. Dadda checked the daily schedules for the local zoo on their website and got the map printed for our reference. Mumma said we will start early so that we can avoid the heat and sun.

Mumma plans everything in details whenever we decide to go somewhere – so she started planning what kind of clothes to wear, what things to carry, what snacks to carry, etc. She also told me that I have to be careful when I visit the zoo. I should stay away from the cages and I should not irritate the animals. We also decided which exhibits to visit by looking at the map. I told Dadda that I want to see the lion, giraffe, kangaroo, crocodiles, tortoise, zebra, birds and the hippopotamus! Mumma said we should also watch the birds. So we had everything planned right away!

Finally it was time to visit the zoo. We got up in the morning, Mumma prepared the breakfast and I finished it quickly and got ready quickly. Dadda drove us to the local zoo and I saw many other children waiting to enter the premises. The gates opened and everyone rushed inside! It was green inside and there was a weird smell! Dadda said, it was because of the animals. Mumma warned – don’t feed the animals anything, they are only allowed to eat special animal food.

We headed to the lion’s enclosure first. It was sitting right in the front. I was thrilled to see the lion alive! Dadda said see the mane on the face, the male animals have it; and the females don’t. That is how we differentiate between a lion and a lioness. Next we went to the see the kangaroos. ‘Oh see joey!’ – I said. He is so cute! Then we say turtles, snakes, rhino, monkeys, gorilla, elephants and many more animals. Then it was time to see the birds.

They were flying and chirping loudly. We saw macaws, parakeets, swans, ducks and a lot of other colourful and pretty birds. We clicked a lot of photos of the birds and the animals. It was all so exciting, but then I started feeling very tired. I wanted to see more, but I was unable to walk anymore.

Dadda said, we will come again and see the rest of the animals. I was a bit sad, but I wanted to go home. So we came back home. Now I know how the animals look in real and I can imagine how they live in forests. Next I would like to visit a forest and see the animals there.  I would surely ask Dadda to take me to a forest sometime.