It’s Smoothie Time!

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Mumma is in a bad mood today. I guess she had some problem at her work. When mumma gets angry she does not talk to anyone and locks herself inside her room. I don’t like seeing mumma in a bad mood. Dadda came back home and I told him about mumma. He went to his room and tried talking with her, but she didn’t reply.

Dadda came back and said, ‘things seem really bad’. Let’s do something to cheer her up; but what? Sing a song for her? Cook something? No, won’t work. We need to do something that would cool her down. Let’s make some chilled smoothie! Yeah that a great idea, I said. Even I love smoothies. But neither I nor dadda knew how to make smoothies. Dadda said, ‘let’s check the Internet to find how to make banana smoothies’. So he brought his tablet and searched for banana smoothie recipes. The first thing that came up was honey-banana-smoothie – perfect! Healthy and delicious, that’s what mumma says when she makes something good. We’ll make that for mumma.

We needed 1 banana, 1 cup fresh milk, 1 tablespoon honey and some ice cubes. These would make 1 to 2 servings. To make the smoothie we also need the blender. Dadda looked around and found the blender stored inside the cupboard. The recipe said – peel the banana and put it inside the blender. Then add milk and honey – that is exactly what we did. For a thicker texture, we needed to add some yoghurt. Lucky, mumma bought some yoghurt the day before, so we added a tablespoon of yoghurt as well.

Dadda said let’s make it even more special. He got some cinnamon sticks and ground them thoroughly. Then he added it to the other ingredients. Finally dadda blend the ingredients together till they turned into a smooth mixture. Then he took two glasses – one tall (for mumma) and one short (for me) and poured the content into them. He added some ice cubes (only one for me) and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

It looked yummy! I never knew dadda could make smoothies so well. He carefully placed the glasses on a serving tray and we went to mumma’s room. I knocked at the door and said, ‘mumma I need some help’. She opened the door instantly. She was surprised to see us with the glasses. ‘Mumma we made healthy and tasty banana smoothie for you; won’t you taste it’. She smiled and picked me up and gave a strong hug. Thanks dear, you really make me feel so proud! Dadda got some juice for himself and enjoyed our drinks.

Mumma asked, how did you make the smoothie? Did you know the recipe? Dadda instantly said, yes Veerica is a great cook and she knows everything. She told me how to make it and I just helped her with it. All of us started laughing a moment later. Finally mumma was feeling much better and she was back to her normal self.

Enough Scribbling – Let’s Start Writing Now!

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Girl writing on a blackboard

Enough of scribbling, can we start writing now? Yes we can, mumma said. I can now hold the pencil properly and it does not slip off my fingers. So now we can start with the pattern writing. Mumma said we will first start with the standing lines, since it is the easiest. She wrote dotted standing lines and asked me to trace over them. I was hesitating a bit, since it was my first time; but she said there is nothing to get afraid.

Mumma held my hands and helped me trace the first few standing lines. I became a bit more confident; then she left my hand and asked me to try myself. The first line was uneven…I felt like crying, but mumma gave me a hug and said,‘we make mistakes but if we keep on trying we can do it perfectly. So you just need to practise’. She said we will write one page every day, so that I become accustomed to writing quickly.

But this is not how you write, I said. She said, ‘yes this is only the beginning. We will start with capital letter alphabets, then small letter alphabets and then move on to cursive writing’. The way we write, it is known as ‘cursive writing’ or joined letters. It is very helpful when you write sentences. So the more you practice, the quicker you will be able to write like me, mumma said. This is exactly what my teacher says – the more you practise the quickly you will be able to learn.

I had more questions in mind, but I thought of practising first. I tried tracing the lines perfectly, but almost every standing line was uneven. But mumma said don’t worry, you will learn it very quickly. Now I understand why my elder cousins in India were struggling with their lessons and why they got a scolding for not studying. I thought learning was very easy, but now I know you have to put in a lot of effort. Will mumma scold me the same way, if I don’t study?

I don’t know; she has been very nice to me when I study with herand she teaches me very patiently; she has never scolded me for making mistakes. But I don’t know what will happen when I grow up like my cousins. Why do we have to grow up, why can’t we stay like this all through the life?

I have heard children at our school say, they want to grow up quickly so that they can do everything that elders do; but I don’t want to grow old. I want to stay as my mumma and dadda’s little girl and get all the love from them.

I never knew things will become so complicated! Did you? I guess not. But since I have promised to be a good girl I will listen to mumma and practise writing every day, so that I learn it quickly. Do you have anything to say? Let me know.