DIY Chinese Lantern – You Can Make One Too

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We made a lovely paper lantern, as mumma promised me last week. We bought colourful papers and ribbons from the market and made three lanterns. One I will hang on the main entrance, one in mumma and dadda’s room and one in my room.

Mumma searched the Internet and copied the instructions. It was quiet easy. If you want to make paper lanterns too, for decorating your home, here is how you can make it.

For making the paper lantern you will need – construction papers, quick dry glue, scissors and strings.

For the Outer Part:

Cut out a rectangular shape from an A4 sized paper. Fold it rectangular paper in half lengthwise. Put marks at ½ inch intervals on the paper. Then cut 3/4 of the way up the paper along the marks. This will fringe the entire paper lengthwise. Now open the paper and bring the ends together. Stick the ends with help of the quick dry glue and set aside. I used red, blue and orange coloured papers to make three such fringed papers.

Now take another A4 sized paper, preferably of a different colour. I used a white coloured paper for all the three. Now glue it lengthwise so that it makes a thin cylinder. Let the glue dry.

Now place this thin cylinder inside fringed papers. Push the top and bottom ends of the fringed paper towards the middle of the cylinder. Put glue to hold the fringed paper in place. Cut thin strips of coloured papers and cover the visible white portions of the cylinders.

Attach a string to one end of the lantern and it is ready to be hanged! I added some colourful ribbons to the other end of the lantern to make it look even better. You can stick decorative stones, ribbons, stickers or anything else to make the lanterns look good. This is how the lanterns will look:


hese lanterns and place candles inside it to give a different effect. You can also light up tiny lights and place inside the lanterns. You can make lanterns of different sizes and hang them inside and outside your house. If you want to make other types of lanterns, you can do an Internet search and learn how to make other types of lanterns.

You can buy ready-made ones from the market, but mumma says it is always best to make things yourself. It makes you feel proud and increases your creativity. I will save these for Christmas as well.

I just got one idea! I will make a lantern and cover up the bottom and fill it with chocolates for my friends. I will place it right next to the main door, so that whoever comes to our can eat some chocolates. Isn’t it a good idea! See this is why mumma says, you need to try out creative things. You can come up with new ideas and make yourself and others proud!

Time to Decorate Our Home with Earthen Lamps and Colourful Decorations

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Diyas Decorated On Rangoli During Diwali

Diwali is just one week away and the cleaning and decoration tasks have already begun. Mumma and dadda are utilising every weekend to clean the home; once the cleaning is done, mumma will start decorating the home as she does every year. Dadda puts on the lights and mumma makes beautiful designs on the floor using coloured powders and earthen lamps. The designs are known as ‘rangoli’ and the earthen lamps are known as ‘diyas’.

You can see them in all Indian homes during Diwali, so I asked whether there is some significance behind it or it is just for the sake of decorating the home. Mumma said, sure there a significance behind everything we do. She said we worship ‘goddess Laxmi’, the goddess of wealth during Diwali and we prepare the home to welcome her. Rangolis adorn the main entrance and the place of worship. People of different religions use different things to create the designs – some use coloured powders, some use rice powder or crushed limestone. The patterns also differ largely. But there is no hard and fast rule as to what you should make to create the rangoli.

Mumma said it is also a ritual to light diyas and decorate the home with them. This is to drive away the evil powers. Another reason for lighting the lamps is that Diwali is observed on Amavasi, the darkest day of the Hindu lunar month, so by lighting the lamps we show our ancestors (who are no more) the path towards heaven. There are many other tales about the significance of lighting the lamps, but the main reason why we light them is to remove the evil and welcome goodness.

Mumma makes beautiful designs and our neighbours have also praised her skills. She uses various colourful powders to create the designs. Last year she made a beautiful peacock. This time she will make a design with lotus. Dadda has got new lights that change patterns every few minutes; I am very excited. I want to help mumma and dadda decorate our home. Mumma said she won’t allow me to touch the lights, since it is dangerous for children to touch electrical items; so she said I can help her make the designs. I am sure going to have a great time. We will go to the market to buy the things this weekend.

Mumma said we can make something special to decorate our home as well. She said we will buy colourful papers and make a Chinese lantern at home. We will hang it on the main entrance, so that everyone can see it. Though we don’t know how to make it, we can learn it from the Internet.

Are you decorating your home as well? Will you make rangolis? I am eager to know how the others will decorate their home. So please tell me. I will visit my all my friend’s to see what they have done to decorate their home. So have a great time and Happy Diwali!