Home Remedy for Cough

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boy coughing

I am down with cough and light fever again. Mumma didn’t allow me to go to school since coughing is infectious; but I hate being sic, since there is nothing much I can do. Most of the times I have to lay down on the bed or read story books; I can’t even go out because it is raining outside. Why do you have to fall sick? All my friends are attending school and playing, while I have to stay back at home.

Mumma says she will give me some magic medicines that will help me get well sooner. I said let’s go to the medical store now to buy the medicines but she said we don’t need to go to the medical store; it’s all available at home. Really? Where? In the kitchen, she said. Mumma stores medicines in the kitchen? I didn’t know that. She understood what I was thinking and started laughing. No I don’t store medicines in the kitchen; I am talking about natural medicines that have no side effects like the traditional over-the-counter medicines. The nature provides us with a number of natural medicines, which can help soothe many conditions such as cold, coughing, irritation, etc.

There are a number of natural medicines that can cure coughing and these include:

  • Turmeric: It is an herb that cures coughs, especially dry cough. Turmeric when mixed with hot water or milk can cure coughing. You can also roast the root, grind it and mix it with water and honey. Having turmeric (whichever way you want) twice daily can cure coughing very quickly.
  • Ginger: Ginger is another magic medicine for coughs. Grate or slice ginger and boil with water. Strain the water and let it cool. Mix some lemon juice and honey to it and have it for twice or thrice every day. It relieves the irritation and soothes coughing. You can also chew candied ginger to relieve continuous coughing.
  • Garlic: Garlic is well known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics. It can fight infections very quickly. So boil two to three cloves of garlic with water and drink it while it is warm. It makes it easier to breathe and soothes the itchiness in the throat. You can mix honey to make it taste better. You can also fry one or two garlic cloves and eat it with food.

There are many other natural substances that can be used to relieve cough and cold. But why do we have to mix honey to everything? Is it just for the taste or something else? Mumma said honey is excellent home remedy for cough and cold, so by mixing honey, you increase the therapeutic characteristics of other elements. Honey also has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics and it has been used for hundreds and thousands of years to cure cough and cold.

I hope the natural medicines work well and I am able to go to school soon. I miss my friends and school too!

What to Do With Excess Halloween Candies

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How was your Halloween? How much did you have with your friends and family? We had a great time but now that we are left with are lots and lots of candies. We went for the trick-or-treat game and collected many candies; mumma and dadda’s friends also bought many chocolates and candies along with them.

I love eating candies and chocolates but mumma won’t allow me to eat so many at a time. She says I will have cavities and then I have to visit the doctor’s office. Now I don’t want to do that. Mumma says the chocolates and candies stick to our teeth and germs accumulate over them and corrode our teeth. But what are we going to do with all those chocolates and candies? You have any idea?

I asked mumma and she said we are surely going to find some way out. She said she would use some to make chocolate cake. Christmas is round the corner and everyone is busy baking cakes and cookies. So she can use the chocolates to make cakes….sounds yummy! She will also use some to make the frosting on top of the cake. Dadda said he would ask mumma to make some hot chocolate for us using the milk chocolates. Hot chocolates and cookies; the perfect combination and it makes a great snack for the evening. Mumma loves coffee; but me and dadda are crazy about hot chocolate! Now what about the candies?

Dadda gave us a great idea. It is almost Christmas and it is time to spread love among everyone. So the best way to start spreading love is to donate the candies and some chocolates to the poor and needy children. They are not fortunate enough to celebrate Halloween or Christmas or buy chocolates of their choice. So we will visit a charity and donate some to the children living there.

Mumma has also found some great recipes on the Internet to use the remaining chocolates. I like the ‘banana poppers’ recipe. It is quite simple as well – cut the bananas into pieces and refrigerate for an hour. Then blend them and refrigerate again. Now melt the chocolate in a glass pan and keep aside. Make small balls with the mashed bananas and prick a toothpick into it. Now hold the toothpick and dip the ball into the melted chocolate. Freeze for an hour and the banana poppers are ready! This is a healthy and tasty snack and you can pop it anytime you wish to.

Do you have a lot of chocolates and candies as well? You can do the same thing as we are doing to use them; but make sure you donate some first. Dadda says sharing increases happiness and it also makes you feel good. Halloween is already gone and it is time to start preparing for Christmas. What are you plans for Christmas? Will be going out during the holidays or enjoy while staying back in home? I love the holiday season..hope it never ends!