Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Have you started decorating the Christmas tree? Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most exciting things during this time; I was so excited when I visited to local Christmas market. Christmas trees of various sizes, a wide variety of decorative items, goody bags and a lot more. It looked so colourful that I wanted to buy everything I saw. We bought a lot of decorative items and a big Christmas tree. Dadda would help us decorate the tree during the weekend and our house will be all set for the Christmas!

This year we wanted to decorate the Christmas tree in a new way, so we did some research on the Internet. There were a numerous Christmas tree decoration ideas, but not all were impressive. I loved a few and I would love to share them with you. Here are some unique Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can try this year:

The Santa Look-Alike

Decorating the Christmas tree in St. Nick’s style is very unique and I haven’t seen too many people decorate the tree this way. Decorate the entire tree with white and red ornaments including candy canes, Christmas balls, stars, bells and ribbons. Cover the entire tree with lighting and top it with fur-trimmed hat. Place the Christmas tree close to the fireplace and hang some Christmas stockings on top of the fireplace. Place a bunch of poinsettias to enhance the look. I will decorate my Christmas tree this way and I am sure our guests will love it.

Here is how the Christmas tree will look after decorating it.

How to Make Wreaths at Home

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Caucasian father and daughter hanging Christmas wreath

Christmas is incomplete without a beautiful wreath on the front door. Last year when I went out for a stroll with Dadda, around the same time of the year, I found a variety of wreaths being hung on the front door of our neighbours. Some were green, some were colourful and some made from Christmas candies, stars, bells – they looked beautiful!

I saw many types of wreathes being sold at the shops and flower shops, but I want to make one this year. I said I want to make an evergreen wreath, so mumma and dadda said they will help me make a beautiful wreath. We’ll hang it on the front door, so that everyone can see it.

Mumma said making is wreath is nothing difficult, you only need to have the right supplies, but you need to be very careful since you have to use wires, scissors, etc. So you can hurt yourself if you are not careful. So here is how you can make an evergreen wreath at home:

Get lots of leaves and ferns from a local flower shop or one that sells wreath making materials. You can also collect some sprigs from your garden. You will also need a few evergreen clippings, which are readily available at the local supermarket or at the flower shops. Other things that you will require include – metal wreath form, raffia twine, and floral wire; all of which can be found at the local hobby shop.

Cover the metal wreath form with raffia twine, especially on the loose ends to make sure they don’t come out when you hang it on the door. Cut the stems and leaves to about two to three inches in length. Take one or two stems together and secure them tightly to the wreath using a string thread or thin wire. Then take some other types of stems or leaves and layer them on top of the first set of stems. Bind them tightly in the same manner. Repeat the process with different types of stems and leaves to create a colourful wreath. You can choose a random design or repeat a specific pattern to create a harmonious look. Once the entire wreath form is covered, you have the main wreath ready. You can hang it just like that or decorate it further. Take a large red satin ribbon and create a bow out of it. Then paste it to one end of the wreath with help of glue. You can stick small bells or stars along the wreath to make it look even more gorgeous.

You can use various things to make wreaths of different kinds. You can also utilise thrown away materials to make one-of-a-kind wreaths for the holiday season. I have already made mine; will you make your own or buy it from the stores. If you make something special, be sure to share the process so that everyone else can try making them. As mumma says, be happy and spread happiness!