Mumma Becomes Advisor

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Mother talking to her son outdoor

We have a new neighbour. They have been here for about three months and they are a very nice family. They come over to our house on the weekends and I play with their daughter, Sarah. She is a very sweet girl and she will be starting school soon. Mumma and Sarah’s mother have become very good friends and I have heard them share recipes, discuss various topics and ask for advices as well.

This time it is Sarah’s mom taking advice from mumma. As I said, Sarah will be starting her pre-school very soon and her mother is worried about how she would react on her first day to school. This reminds me of my first day; I had written a post about it as well. For those who missed out reading my post, here is the link. Our neighbours have chosen the pre-school for Sarah, but they need to start preparing her for the first day of school.

Mumma’s eyes got moist and her voice changed a bit, when she started talking about the first day at school; I guess she remembered her experience. However, she got over her emotions and started talking. Mumma said, you should start discussing about her new routine and how things will be once nursery school starts. Talk to her about your childhood memories when you started school. Mumma said, you should also take her to her new nursery school at least once or twice and let her meet her teacher and the other children who are already attending school. Talk about the positive aspects of school such as she will make new friends, she will get to play and learn new activities, and how she will become independent gradually.

Mumma also suggested that she starts leaving Sarah alone for some time, so that she gets used to staying away from her. Mumma said you can leave Sarah here if you need to go out for some shopping or somewhere else. This way she will learn to spend time away from you. But most importantly, you must be confident about yourself and your child. She will react the way you react; so if you are confident that your child will easily adjust to the transition, she will actually do so. Mumma said, even I was very nervous when Veerica went to school for the first time, but I controlled my emotions so that my nervousness didn’t affect her. Veerica was afraid but she adjusted to the new environment very quickly; she smiled and said she’s a brave girl and I believe Sarah will get adjusted soon as well.

For the first day, make sure you get her ready before time and reach school at least 10 minutes ahead of time. You’ll get some time to console her and assure her that you will be there for her whenever she needs you. Make sure you are present when they leave school. The first few days will be tough, but the phase will pass away soon.

Home Remedies – Teeth Whitening

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Brushing two times a day is necessary to keep your teeth healthy and clean. I know that, but I forget brushing my teeth quite often. Mumma was very busy with her work for some day and she forgot to remind me about brushing my teeth and I forgot too. She finished her work and last night when she was brushing my teeth she found they have become yellow.

Mumma takes me to the dentist once in six months so I don’t have too many problems, but since I forgot to brush my teeth they have become yellow. Mumma said, if I continue to do this, my teeth will get affected due to plaque and gradually they will start to rot! How scary! Now what should I do to clean my teeth and make them whiter?

Mumma said don’t worry ill help you. She said chewing strawberries help removing the dirt from the teeth, so I should eat strawberries; at least two every day. Eating raw fruits helps keep teeth healthy and clean, so we must eat lots of raw fruits. For instant whitening (well almost), she will make a paste by mixing baking soda and lemon juice. Baking soda is lightly abrasive in nature, so it cleans off the teeth and maintains the Ph level of the mouth. Lemon juice also does the same, so the teeth become whiter after a few uses. The paste needs to be applied to the teeth with help of a tooth brush; leave it for a minute or two and then rinse off well with help of warm water. Make sure you don’t swallow the paste; even though these are natural products and you won’t have any problem but it is always best to stay safe.

Mumma said hydrogen peroxide works very well if you want to whiten teeth, but she doesn’t want me to use it now since I am too small. I can clean my mouth with peroxide once I grow up. It also has antiseptic characteristics so it heals up wounds or cuts inside the mouth.

I asked mumma, why does the teeth colour change? She said the first reason is our food habits. Some food like caffeine, aerated drinks (especially the coloured ones), tea, fast foods with red sauce result in staining. Thus it is best to avoid them; or if you have them it is a must that you clean your teeth immediately. The next reason is, when we chew food some food particles stick to the teeth and if it remains there for a long time bacteria grows inside the particles. They make the teeth yellowish and affect the teeth adversely. This is the reason why brushing twice daily is very important. Now I understand why mumma says I should brush my teeth every day.

I don’t want my teeth to rot, so from now on I will brush my teeth every day, without fail. I don’t like visiting the dentist, I feel so scared. So I’ll take care of my teeth so that I don’t have to go to the dentist!