Some Serious Talks

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Our teacher told us that we will have a guest in our school who will be talking to us on various topics that will help us grow and become aware of our society. She said there are good things and bad things that we need to know about so that we can protect ourselves and those who we love.

A lady arrived about an hour later. She was very tall and beautiful and wore a very pretty dress. We greeted her as she entered our class and asked us to introduce ourselves. Everyone in our class took turns to introduce themselves. Then she said we’ll talk about something very important today. She asked, ‘how does your mom or dad show their love towards you?’

One of my friends said her dad kisses her on the forehead, when she does something good. I said, mumma gives me a tight hug and someone else said he gets a pat on his back. The lady listened to everyone and said, so you like the way your parents show their love towards you; but have you ever felt bad when someone touched you? No one replied.

Then she continued, “Today we’ll talk about ‘Touch’, the good ones and the bad ones. A kiss or a hug from your mom, dad, grandma or a friend makes you feel happy because they love you, so this is a ‘good touch’. But there can be situations when someone touches you and do not feel good.

This is known as bad touch. As you are growing up, you must understand the difference between a good touch and bad touch. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, ashamed or painful is a bad touch. If you ever feel like this when someone touches you, you must talk to your teacher, mom or dad immediately.

Remember, people who make you feel like that are not good and you need to stay away from them. But since you are small you may not be able to do it alone; you need your parents or teachers to help you get rid of the person”.

She added that it is perfectly alright to say ‘NO’, if you feel bad about a touch no matter who it is. Remember, you might feel about something who is close to you, but that should not stop you from protesting. You have complete right over your body and nobody can force you into doing something that you do not like.

This is true for both girls and boys. You are all growing up and will have to confront a lot of people; some will be good while some might not be as good. So you need to stay alert.

All of us listened to her carefully. I had a lot of questions to ask but I decided to talk to mumma about this. She will understand my questions better and give the right answers. I was eager to go back home and give mumma a tight hug. The session ended soon and we were all released from school for the day.

Talking about Obesity

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Last evening we went to the supermarket and I was busy grabbing chips, chocolates and other yummy foods that I love. I am in love with donuts, finger fries and chips…they taste yum and uplift your mood instantly. But when mumma saw me picking them, she said I don’t want you to become overweight, so keep them back.

Overweight! What is that? What is the problem if I become overweight? I did not say anything at that moment but I had a talk with mumma when we came back home. I asked her, ‘what do you mean by becoming overweight? Did you mean fat?’ She said ‘Yes’. You call that obesity and a person who is too fat is known as obese. Being fat is something but being obese is very harmful since losing weight becomes a serious problem and obesity leads to a number of health problems.

She said, we need to develop healthy eating habits from a very young age so that we can avoid being obese. Fatty and sugary foods such as the ones that I love eating (L) can lead to obesity, so we must avoid eating them. Eating donuts and chips once in a while is fine but we must avoid eating them regularly. We must also exercise every day so that we can stay sit and healthy.

Then asked what kind of problems do obese people face? Mumma said obese children and adults have to face a number of health problems that include heart diseases (due to high blood pressure and cholesterol), asthma, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and many more. Some children might even have psychosocial problems because they often become targets of bullying and suffer from low self-esteem. You may also be unable to take part in school sports, physical activities  and have a hard time making friends. This is something really serious!

Then I asked what leads to obesity? Does everyone who eats more become obese? Mumma said no. there are many factors that add up and make a person obese. She said if you eat more you need to exercise more; if you do so you won’t become fat even if you eat a lot. Some factors that contribute to obesity are:

  • Genetic traits
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Not getting enough sleep

By avoiding all of the above you can lead a healthy life and stay lean and fit. Being thin is not the goal; you need to be fit and healthy. You must eat nutritious food and exercise every day. Having junk food once in a week is alright but you must not eat them regularly.

Staying fit makes a person happy and energetic and you can enjoy life to the fullest. So I have decided to cut down on my intake of chips, sweets and donuts since I don’t want to become obese. I will eat healthy and exercise every day. I will tell this to my friends so that they can also stay fit and fine!