Spring Cleaning! What Is It All About?

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Yesterday I heard mumma and dada discussing spring cleaning. They said it is the perfect time to spring clean the house. But what is it all about? I was too curious about it, so I asked mumma, ‘what is spring cleaning?’ I heard you talking about it yesterday. Mumma said, spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning the house after winter. During winter we generally keep our home closed and fresh air can hardly enter our house; so when spring arrives and the temperature rises, we open the doors and windows to let fresh air come in and get rid of the stuffy feeling.

Traditionally spring cleaning was performed to get rid of all the soot and grime that accumulated due to the lighting of the fireplace during the winter. Now it has become a ritual for everyone. Moreover, cleaning often involves the use of water, so it becomes tough to wash the floor or the walls during the winter since it is so cold.

During spring, it is much easier to do the washing. During winter, we keep the doors and windows closed, so the dust and dirt stays inside, but when you clean during spring, all the dust and dirt escapes from the doors and windows making the home sparkling clean. Now do you understand why do we clean our houses thoroughly during the spring season? Yes, I said. But how do we spring clean our house? Is there anything special about it? Or is it simple cleaning?

Mumma said, it is simple cleaning and you can do it any way you want. But if you follow some rules, you can accomplish your job quickly and efficiently. For instance, people often stay you should start cleaning the house from top to the bottom. Then it is best to take up the bigger cleaning tasks such as cleaning the kitchen, the cabinets/ cupboards, the upholstery or the furnishings.

Cleaning the floor is the toughest of all, so you must start with it. Once you are done with them, you can focus on the smaller cleaning tasks such as cleaning the rugs and carpets, doormats, etc.

If you really need a deep cleaning, you must clean everything – kitchen appliances, sinks, countertops, chairs, tables, utensils and even the bathroom. You can also consider disinfecting your house, to get rid of the dust mites, mould and other harmful organisms but you may require professional help.

Then mumma said we would start spring cleaning our house from this week; would you like to help us? Yes, I said excitedly. I would love to. Then start from your room and then we can move to the other rooms. Organise the things and then me and dada will help you clean the rest of the room. I will do it mumma, I said.

Yes I have seen the neighbours clean their home too; now I know why everyone is cleaning their home at this time. We will make our home sparkling clean and invite my friends to see it!

Should Children Eat Mushrooms?

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We were served mushrooms during lunch at school. This was the first time I had mushrooms. I was a bit afraid to eat them, since I didn’t know how they tasted and whether it would be right to try out something new without mom by my side. I asked teacher, ‘Should I eat it? I did not eat them before.’ My teacher said, yes you may eat it. We have asked your parents about allergies and they have informed us that there is no reason why you should not try them.

Then our teacher said, mushrooms are full of nutritional benefits. But you would be amazed to know that mushrooms are neither fruits nor vegetables. Do you know what they are? Mushrooms are edible fungus which is grown in woods or moist grassy areas. Some of the most common types of mushrooms are white button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Portobello, shiitake, and many more. There are100 species of mushrooms that scientists know about and they studying their health benefits so that we can benefit from them.

The she continued let us now learn why it is good to include mushrooms in our meals. Mushrooms are good because:

They are high in fibre

Mushrooms have high content of fibre which improves your heart and lowers cholesterol. If you eat mushrooms your bowels will also be in a good health.

Boosts Immunity

Mushrooms are known to boost immunity and they provide protection against colds, flu and other viruses. Shiitake, portobello, oyster and reishi mushrooms are the best immunity boosting mushrooms.

Increased Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D makes our bones stronger. Sun is a good source of Vitamin D. The vitamin gets penetrated into the skin when you go out in the sun. Next mushrooms are a good source of Vitamin D. Having lots of mushrooms can help you fight vitamin D deficiency. So you become stronger and physically fit.

Improves Metabolism

Do you know what is metabolism? Metabolism is a chain of processes that goes on inside our bodies to maintain life. One such process is breaking down of food into substances that provide energy for performing vital processes such as walking, running, working, etc. Mushrooms improve the metabolism inside your body and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Mushrooms contain high levels of anti-oxidants, so it is very important to include mushrooms in our meals. Anti-oxidants fights germs, prevents diseases and improves the skin health. So you can stay healthy and have glowing skin, if you eat mushrooms regularly.

Mushrooms can be cooked in many ways. They can be curried, stuffed and baked, used as pizza topping, sandwiched and even used in salads. You can eat mushrooms in any form you like. So from today onwards we will have mushrooms twice every week at school and you will tell your mumma to make mushrooms at least once in a week. So you can ensure you intake lots and lots of vitamins, iron, and minerals that will help you stay fit and strong.