My Barbie Doll

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Barbie doll

I have a little toy house. In that toy house, I have Barbie dolls, Mickey Mouse, small toys and many such things. Of all the toys, I love to play with my sweet little Barbie doll. Daddy gifted me the doll on my last birthday. It is the most beautiful toy that I have got on my birthday. Since then I sleep with my Barbie doll. Also, I don’t get scared at night because of her company. Now I have a friend at home, who always accompanies me wherever I go. She has become a part of my life without whom I cannot think of spending time at home. The only time I leave her alone is when I go to school. Once, I thought that I will take her to my school but Mommy told me that dolls are not allowed to sit in the class rooms.

About my Barbie doll:

My Barbie doll is a dancing doll which dances whenever I switch on the musical button. She always dances on the song “I am a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World”. Even she closes her eyes when she sleeps and opens her eyes at sharp 5 o’clock in the morning and tells me “Wake up, Wake up, It’s time for a morning walk”.

Her Dresses:

She wears very attractive and gorgeous dresses that makes her more beautiful and cute. She has five sets of dresses: a party wear, a night suit, a t-shirt, summer wear, and winter wear or the woolen dress that my grand mom made for her. I love all her super cute dresses. She looks so pretty in those.


She has a matching pair of shoes with all her dresses. I love her party shoes which are like that of Cinderella’sglass shoes. She has got all lovely shoes. When I play with my doll, I like to dress her up like the way I want.


When daddy bought this Barbie doll and kept her in my toy house, she had straight hair but I changed it as I didn’t like it then and I gave her a new look. I made front curls that enhance her beauty and made the back portion of her hair wavy. I love to play with her whenever I get a little free time.


I really love my Barbie doll. I love her very much. I share my everyday stuff with her. Her company makes me feel that I have a friend at home, who is always there for me. She always listens to me patiently and blinks her automatic operated eyes. I tell her many stories at night before sleep. I tell her about my school friends. Her expressions make me feel that as if my friend is listening to me. Even her silence tells me many things that cannot be expressed by anybody else.

Since the time Daddy brought her home, I spend all my free time with her. She has become my best friend since then.

Friendship Day Celebrations in My House

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friendship day celebration

This weekend, we have celebrated friendship day in my house. I was very excited about the celebrations. I made a lot of preparations for this. My Daddy and Mommy had also helped me a lot.  I had decided about the games, we would play and also made a list of the songs we would dance on. I had called everyone in my class for the celebrations. I had made friendship bands for all of them. For the boys, I made Batman friendship bands and for the girls, I made a Barbie friendship bands. I also made cards for all of them, as I thought that it will be the best way to express and extend my friendship to them.

  • Friendship bands: I made colourful friendship bands for them with a sponge and made the skeletal face of the batman and then painted it with black colour. And for girls, I made a skeletal face of Barbie and painted it with pinkish white. The bands turned out to be cute. All my friends liked the bands very much.


  • Friendship Cards: I made friendship cards for all them by using glitters, colour sketch pens, and watercolours. I made small envelopes for each card. When my friends arrived, I gave them the cards. They all liked the cards I made for them. Some of them also brought friendship cards for me. I was really glad to get those.


  • Games: We all were divided into two groups to play “tug of war”. We played for three rounds and the score was 2:1 and we won the match. We all played a lot of other games as well. We all danced for some time. Each one of us was happy, there was so much cheerfulness all around. We were very tired at the end of it all.


  • Cake: Mommy-Daddy gave us all a surprise with a big cake which both my parents had baked together during the day without my notice. Daddy wrote “Happy friendship day” on it. We all were happy to see the cake and then Daddy helped us to cut the cake. We all ate the yummy cake made by my parents.


  • Supper: Mommy and Daddy made different kinds of dishes such as burger, French fries, noodles, pizza, and pasta. We all liked the food made by Mommy and daddy.There were juice and ice creams too. All my friends loved the food.


The party ended well, and we all were very happy with the celebration of our friendship day. It was great to meet all my class friends over the weekend and play games with all of them. It was another gathering of friends after Lisa’s birthday party and we all enjoyed a lot. Daddy told me that friends are always special and celebrating friendship day makes all the friends closer to each other. I told Daddy that without his support I couldn’t have done anything. I am lucky to have such wonderful parents who always support me with everything.