How to avoid being arrested in UAE Dubai. What is illegal for Tourists to carry in Dubai?

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Dad was discussing this with mom and forgot taht I am week 18 now. I can hear, move, yawn and do a lot more now. I heard what he said to Mommy and thought this could be useful to other folks traveling to Dubai and not wanting to land up in Jail or being arrested by the Police.

Here are a few tips:

You must know and remember that the UAE has absolutely zero tolerance policy on drugs, alcohol  tobacco and other intoxicants.

Anyone with even a trace of illegal substances could be caught and be heavily penalised.

This also includes some prescription drugs, which are used as anti-depressants, I would say please check the status of their medicines before taking them into the UAE.

Raw poppy seeds, and I have heard this many times, are included on the banned list as well. There have been a reported case where a man held at customs after poppy seeds from a sandwich he ate in the airport became trapped in his clothing and shoes. This is ridiculous, but true.

Pork products are a NO NO

Pornographic materials are also banned.

When you are inside the country, swearing or making rude gestures is considered to be an obscene act and offenders can be arrested by police.

To all westeners, public displays of affection, kissing and holding hands, could lead to arrest if deemed to be offensive.

Sex outside marriage is banned and unmarried couples who live together or even share a hotel room are committing an offence, although this is unlikely to be a problem in Dubai. Adultery is illegal.

Homosexual behaviour and cross-dressing is forbidden.

In situations other than on the beach or by the swimming pool, a woman’s clothing may be considered indecent if it is tight, transparent, above the knee or shows her stomach, shoulders or back. A man should not wear shorts or show his chest. Underwear should not be visible.

Visitors can only drink alcohol in licensed hotels or clubs, and drinking alcohol or being drunk in public is an offence. In the emirate of Sharjah, any alcohol consumption is illegal.

Driving after consuming any amount of alcohol is against the law.

Photography of certain government and military buildings is banned, and visitors should always ask before taking pictures of people.

Failing to pay a bill or bouncing a cheque can lead to a fine and even imprisonment.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, visitors should not eat, drink or smoke in public places. Live and loud music is also banned.

All for the good. The best part is, kids have a LAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE water park to enjoy.



I am going to Dubai – Hurray! My first Audio Trip to Dubai.

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Hello Everyone,

I am on my trip to Dubai. This will be my first Foreign Trip. I know I know, I am yet to step into this world, but the midwife says I can hear sounds now.

So let me say this is my first AUDIO trip to Dubai.

Will keep you posted on how it went. I can see both Mommy and Dad are excited about how I would react while in the flight.

We will find out!