13 Reasons Why Eating Bananas Are Important

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My Daddy says fruits are very good for our health. It contains vitamins, minerals which are essential for our body. Among all the fruits I do not like to eat bananas, I hate the smell and taste of banana. But along with other fruits, Mamma insists me to eat bananas every day. She explains me the benefits of eating bananas and making it a part of my diet for its various health benefits.

Here is what my mother tells me about the advantages of eating banana regularly:

1.Banana helps to make us smarter, it fights depression and cures morning sickness. It helps to keep our mood happy and our brain healthy.

2.Before a strenuous workout, if we eat bananas, it gives us lots of energy and helps to maintain our blood sugar.

3.Eating a banana daily protects us against muscle cramps and nighttime leg cramps. It helps us to build strong bones as it contains a lot of calcium.

4.Bananas are rich in potassium and low in salt, so eating it every day helps to lower high blood pressure and reduces the chances of heart attack and stroke.

5.Bananas contain iron, so including it in our diet helps us from having anaemia.

6.Bananas contain a Vitamin B-6. This helps us in losing weight, strengthening our nervous system and it also helps in producing white blood cells.Bananas also protect us from getting type I diabetes.

  1. Eating bananas regularly helps in maintaining normal bowel movement. One banana produces more than 2.5 grams of total fiber and fulfils nearly about 10 percent of our daily fiber needs.
  2. Adding a banana to our diet helps to keep healthy eyes. As bananas contain a small amount of Vitamin A which is helpful in protecting our eyes and maintaining our normal vision.
  3. Eating bananas daily supports our digestive system and builds up our metabolism.
  4. Bananas are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, folate, riboflavin etc. which helps in proper functioning of our body.
  5. Including bananas in our diet helps us to promote relaxation and thus it helps us to sleep better.
  6. Banana helps to build immunity in our body and protects us against chronic diseases.
  7. Banana acts as a natural detox. It helps in flushing out all the toxins from our body through urine.


To make it tasty and delicious my mother makes desserts with bananas. Sometimes she cuts them into smaller chunks or thin slices and makes yummy wafers with bananas. Mamma also makes me tasty cakes and muffins with bananas. She also includes bananas for breakfast with milk and cereals. My cousin Liza eats mashed bananas every day because she is too small to swallow solid foods. AsMamma tells me to eat bananas regularly, she makes me banana shake as well while putting lots of ice cream in it. She knows that I love ice cream, and I will never say no to anything which has got ice cream.

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Everyday

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Drinking Milk Everyday
My friend Elsa does not like to drink milk. Last week she fell sick and was missed school for many days. She had to visit her doctor uncle a few times. Her doctor uncle has asked her to drink milk regularly as milk contains calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Milk helps us to grow strong. My mamma always makes me drink milk everyday. She always tells me about the importance of milk as it helps to make our bones strong and prevents a lot of diseases. To make milk yummy mamma adds some chocolate or strawberry flavours to it.

The most common health benefits of drinking milk regularly are mentioned below:

Protects Our Bones

Drinking milk regularly helps in maintaining good health and it is a great source of calcium. Calcium protects our bones, it prevents migraine headaches, obesity in children and also helps to lose unwanted fats. It prevents our bones from getting osteoporosis in the older days. So, drinking milk every day will keep our bones strong even during old age.

Builds Our Immunity

Milk contains Protein which is essential for tissue repair, enzyme, and hormone synthesis, it gives a support to our immune system and helps in producing energy. It fights diseases and enhances our development. Protein provides the structure to our muscle fibres, renews cells, helps in keeping our nails and hair healthy.For this reason, our diet should contain enough protein. From one glass of milk, almost 8 grams of protein can be obtained.

Source of Energy

Milk contains lactose which is a source of carbohydrate. It provides energy to the body.To keep our bones strong, to maintain health benefits and to prevent future health risk due to lack of calcium it is essential to get the recommended amount of daily calcium intake.
Protects Our Teeth
Milk also protects our teeth. It decreases the chance of tooth decay and having weak gums. Milk protects the enamel surface of the teeth against any kind of acidic substances. So, every child should drink one glass of milk everyday to get strong and healthy teeth.

Protects Our Skin

Milk helps in keeping your skin fresh and rejuvenated. It contains Vitamin A which helps to boost our skin from within the body and keeps our skin healthy. Milk also prevents premature ageing of our skin. Regular intake of milk will help in maintaining that extra glow in our skin.

Mamma says that the health benefits of milk can be achieved by drinking it directly as well as consuming various milk products such as butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, flavoured milk or sweets made of milk. We get milk from goat, sheep, cow etc. It is a very nutritious food and tasty too.

I have another friend Cynthia, who has trouble in digesting milk. Her doctor aunty says that she is lactose intolerant. So doctor aunty suggested her to avoid lactose intake and asked her to drink soy milk or almond milk instead.