7 Simple Tips Which Will Help You to Stay Healthy

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 o Exercising is important for good health

Daddy and Mommy always tell me not to eat junk food but I can’t resist eating burgers, Frenchfries, soft drinks, pizza and all such foods. Last week I couldn’t go to school because of astomach ache. Daddy called doctor uncle. He told my parents to restrict the junk foods and gave some suggestions on the food habits that I should follow. Here is what told me to follow:

Eating healthy foods:

  • Drink plenty of water every day: He advised me to drink plenty of water every day as it will help us to get rid of the body waste easily. Drinking water in empty stomach in the morning will clear the wastes in our body.
  • Eat lots of fruits: He told me that fruits give us the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It helps us in not gaining extra body weight and keep us physically fit.
  • Eat lots of green veggies: Green vegetables are nutritious for us and it helps in adding proteins and minerals to our body. It strengthens our eye power and creates more RBCs in our body.
  • Intake of whole grains: He told me to have whole grains like oats, whole grain pasta and many other foods which are rich in protein and vitamins as these will help our body to gain energy for the whole day activities and helps to drain wastes from our body.
  • Also, eat fatty foods. To maintain a balanced diet, it’s necessary to eat fatty foods. It also gives us energy for doing various activities.

Exercising is important for good health:

  • Play outdoor games: He told me to start aerobic activities which will keep the heart actively pump blood. Playing outdoor games is the best way to go for any aerobic activities. It makes us physically and mentally fit. Playing outdoor games makes our body flexible. Also, spending time with nature permits our body to fight with all kinds of diseases.
  • Not to watch TV for long hours: Watching TV for long hours will make our eyes tiring and make things look blurry. It will also make our brain inactive. Though he told me to spend those hours in exercising or in practicing yoga which will make my digestive system better.


To follow “Early to bed and early to rise” motto: Doctor Uncle told to go to sleep early and to wake up early in the morning. This will help my body to get proper rest and will create more nature cells in my brain. Also, it’s an effective way to get a good digestive system.

Mommy started to make me follow this chart every day so that I don’t fall sick like it happened that day. However,sometimes I feel eating pizza and burgers but that reminds me of the bad stomach ache. Sonow I am a lot conscious about eating junk foods. I also tell my friends to avoid junk foods as much as possible as this will also help them to stay fit and healthy.

6 Reasons why every child should eat fruits regularly:

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I have a friend – Maria, who doesn’t eat fruits at all. She says she hates to eat fruits. I told Dada about Maria that day. Dada told me that it is not a good habit. We should always eat fruits. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals which are extremely beneficial for our health. Dada told me a lot more about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and making them a part of our daily diet.

Here are the health benefits ofeatingfruits regularly:

  1. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals:Different variety of fruit contains different type of vitamins. These vitamins and minerals help in maintaining our body balance as they help in proper functioning of the body. Moreover, fruits get absorbed in our body very easily and quickly; therefore they can provide us instant energy keeping us active and healthy.
  2. Fruits contain a lot of dietary fibers which is good for our digestive system: Fruits contribute a lot in maintaining a balanced diet. It provides a lot of natural dietary fibers. We should eat fruits along with their skin. The skin of the fruits offer a lot of fibers which keeps us healthy and prevents us from constipation.Fruits which are a rich source of fiber are apple, pear, strawberries, raisins and many more.
  3. Fruits are a good source of antioxidants: Fruits contain antioxidants which fight the damaging effects of free radicals which are produced in our body. Antioxidants can neutralize or remove the free radicals from our blood stream. There are many varieties of antioxidants which can be obtained from different fruits. Different kinds of antioxidants protect different parts of our body.
  4. Fruits keep our skin and hair healthy: Eating a lot of fruits help us in getting healthy skin and shiny hair. Fruits are a rich source of all the vitamins; which heals our skin and hair from the damage that occurs every day from pollution and UV rays. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in fruits nourish the skin and hair from within.
  5. Fruits are low in calorie: Fruits are very low in calorie; hence they help us in not gaining any extra weight. However, if we eat fruits more, we would automatically eat other foods (high calorie foods like oily, fried and junk food) less. This would eventually prevent us from becoming overweight.
  6. Fruits improve our immune system and improve our overall health: Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and many other useful things.If we eat them regularly, risk of getting many diseases (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases)reduce.


I told Dada that when I go to school the next day, I will tell my friend Maria about all these health benefits of eating fruits regularly. And, I would also tell her to start eating them as soon as possible; so that she is in good health always.