My First Deepawali, Diwali, Dhanteras. Veerica Baby’s First Diwali

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Yesterday was my first deepawali (also known as diwali).

Dad says I am the most lucky thing that has happened to him. Mom says the same too. Having said that, they wanted to celebrate the Deepawali big way in the UK this time.

Thanks to Naani (grandma), we made a variety of sweets (none of which I got to eat) and decorated our home with lights, candles and flowers. Dad got us fireworks too.

We called in Sarah Aunty and uncle with Tahseen and Aalia to celebrate the festival with us. We also called Asma Aunty, Zohair, Zain and Zara.. They all loved it.

Here are some pictures which I will cherish all my life:

4 Months Old Now – Veeria’s 4 Month Old Pictures

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I am 4 months old now. And daddy took some pictures as usual.
I wasnt quite stable at the chair he used, and mommy was holding the white towel they use to pat me dry after bath.

I was doubtful that the pictures with this DIY setup would come up as nice as they did. Have a look: