Here Is Why We Should Drink Milk Everyday

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My Mumma makes me drink milk every day. Though I do like the taste of milk, I wonder why she is so keen on making me drink milk every day. One day, when I asked her, she told me about all the benefits of milk on our body and why it is considered a staple drink for millions of people.

Let’s discuss the various components of milk and their impact on the human body.

Calcium – Milk is a rich source of Calcium which helps in building healthy bones and teeth. It also helps in maintaining bone mass. If the correct amount of Calcium can be maintained throughout the lifetime, one can prevent Osteoporosis.

Protein – Protein builds and repairs muscle tissues and it also serves as a rich source of energy. It is also considered to be the building block of Bones, Muscles, Cartilage, Skin, and Blood.

Potassium – Potassium helps the body to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It helps in regulating the water balance and acid-base balance in the blood and tissues. It also helps in the conduction of nerve impulses.

Phosphorus – Phosphorous is responsible for generating energy and strengthening bones and teeth. It also helps the body in properly using the Carbohydrates and fats. It helps the body to make Protein which is required for the growth, maintenance and repair of cells and tissues.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps the body to absorb Calcium and Phosphorous from the food we consume. It helps in maintaining bone health. It also helps in regulating the immune system and the neuromuscular system.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B 12 helps in maintaining healthy red blood cells and nerve tissues. It also helps in making the DNA in the body. It also prevents Megaloblastic Anemia.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps in maintaining normal vision. It also helps in building the immune system in the body along with maintaining the epithelial cellular integrity.

Riboflavin (B12) – Riboflavin helps the body in converting the food into energy.

Niacin – Niacin helps in metabolising the Sugars and Fatty Acids in the body.

So, when I heard about so much of the benefits of consuming milk on a daily basis, I decided to never miss my glass of milk for the day. I decided to tell all my friends about the benefits milk has for a healthy growth and maintaining good health throughout. So, you should also start drinking milk every day.

Cooking Time Again – Crispy Veggie Balls for Dadda

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Hello everyone! This week I decided to do something special for dadda. He has a long tiring week. Mumma told he was busy with some new project and he had lots of work to do. I told mumma that I want to make something special for dadda. Something that he would love to eat! So we decided to make crispy veggie balls for him.
Vegetables are good for heath and they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Mumma always tells me to have lots of veggies. That is why I decided to make crispy veggie balls for dadda, so that he feels energetic and becomes strong. I will share the recipe with you, so that you can make it for your loved ones and treat them with something yummy and delicious.
• Lots of veggies – potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, cabbage, and whatever you feel like
• Butter
• Salt to taste
• Pepper – 1 tea spoon
• All purpose flour – 1/4th cup
• Corn flour – ½ cup
• Breadcrumbs – 1 cup
• Parmesan cheese – ½ cup
• Mayonnaise – for dip
It would take about half an hour to prepare the delicious crispy veggie balls. So let’s start:
• We peeled the veggies and mumma put them to boil together. After 15 minutes the vegetables were soft.
• We drained the water and let them cool down. Once they were cold, we mashed them together.
• Mumma put some salt, pepper and all purpose flour into the mashed potatoes and I mixed all of them with a spatula
• Then mumma taught me to make small balls with the mashed veggies. We made around 15 balls.
• In a shallow dish, mumma mixed the corn flour with a little amount of water to make a thick paste. In another shallow dish she mixed the breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese.
• Mumma set the oven to pre-heat
• Then, we dipped the veggie balls into the corn flour paste and then in the breadcrumb and cheese mixture and placed them on a cookie sheet.
• Mumma carefully sprinkled the balls with some oil and put the tray inside the oven for 20 minutes.
• We waited eagerly for 10 minutes. Then Mumma turned the balls so that the other side gets cooked.
• We kept checking so that they didn’t get overcooked
After 20 minutes, Mumma took out the tray. The balls were golden brown in colour. We transferred the balls onto a serving plate. In a small glass bowl, I put some garlic mayonnaise and in another some tomato ketchup. It was already 6:30 and Dadda was back home.
We served him the golden brown crispy veggie balls with some homemade chips and juice. He loved them very much. He said it was very tasty and delicious. Dadda gave me a tight hug and kiss on my forehead. Dadda was very happy and promised me to take out this weekend.