My Father and His Endless Support and Love

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My Father Support

A father is a person who guides, loves and cares for his child in every step of life. For his children, he acts like a pillar of support and strength. Today, I will tell you all about my father and the way he extends his support and love in my life.

My father is the real hero of my life who always tells me to choose the right path. He always explains me about various situations and the consequences of my actions. He is an ideal person in my life and my best friend ever. Every time I face some difficulties, he helps me to find a solution.

My father wants me to be a good and successful person in my life by following ethics, humanity, and etiquette. He teaches me how to be healthy, fit, happy, and a peaceful person all through my life. Daddy is very helpful and compassionate towards the needy people in the society. He is very loving and a dutiful person towards our family and elders. He tells me inspiring stories to become successful and inspires me never to give up. When he is free at home he plays cricket and badminton with me and also helps me with my studies and homework. My father always takes care of my likes and dislikes. He also supports my mamma in the kitchen and can make delicious food. He teaches me to always love, care and respect others. He tells me about the importance of ethics and good habits in a person’s life. He shares his struggles and experiences of life with me. I am very much thankful to God to have been blessed with such a lovely father.

My father always teaches me to be patient and hardworking. He says that one should always keep faith in himself and not to be depressed and disheartened if ever failure comes. Whenever I am in a bad mood he always cheers me up and motivates me. He wants to see me as a good human being. He insists me to eat healthy foods such as all types of vegetables and fruits as these foods contain vitamins and minerals which are essential for our growth and development. He teaches and inspires me to learn new things. He is the most gracious person I have ever seen, my father teaches me to distinguish between the right and the wrong. He is like a true friend with whom I can discuss all my problems and my happiness without any hesitation.

Daddyis smart, intelligent, fun loving and brings smile to every body’s face around him. He says that our experiences help us to broaden our horizons and acquire knowledge and wisdom. My father says that the way to achieve success is to be disciplined and have confidence in one’s ownself. His guidance and support help me a lot in every walk of my life.I love Daddy so much for always being there for me.

Daddy-Daughter Duo Plans a Trip to Slovakia to Celebrate Father’s Day:

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Father’s Day Celebrate at SlovakiaDaddy loves to travel. He is passionate about traveling to faraway places. He loves to explore new country sides, local cuisines, and meet new people. Daddy tells me that I am his favorite travel companion. I love to hear that as much as I love to travel with Daddy. Traveling with Daddy is fun. He takes care of every small little things to make sure our journey is comfortable as well as exciting. He starts planning every trip in advance so that he gets enough time to make all the arrangements such as flight bookings, hotel bookings, car hire and many more. He also checks out about all the good restaurants which serve all the delicious local dishes along with offering a beautiful ambience. Daddy is a lover of great food from across various places. He also tells me that, food tastes better in a beautiful and lovely ambience. He always encourages me to try out new dishes. I love that. I love to be my Daddy’s favorite companion everywhere.

This time we will be traveling to Slovakia, a small country in the central Europe. This is a father’s day special trip. Daddy has told me endless stories about this country, about its beautiful mountainous landscape in the past. This time, we finally planned a trip. He showed me a few breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Slovakia on Google. The country is adorned with magnificent castles and awe-inspiring mountains. I immediately fell in love with that place.

We made a list of the places to visit; starting with Bratislava, which is the capital city of Slovakia. We decided on visiting some eateries overseeing the river Danube. Daddy always prefers to have a resplendent atmosphere while savoring great food.I also like it. I guess, Daddy and I have a lot in common. After all, I am his daughter. We will visit the magnificent Spis Castle, situated in eastern Slovakia. Spis Castle is one of the biggest castles in Europe and is one of the World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO.Daddy tells me that I will love to see this spectacular castle and I am very excited about it. We will also go to the Tatras National park which is located in the resplendent Tatra Mountains. I just can’t wait to see these places. I am so thrilled about this trip.

I started packing for this trip. I will have to carry all the things which I will require during this tour. I will also be very careful about not over stuffing my bags with things which will not require in the next few days.I am happy to say that Father’s Day celebrations couldn’t have gotten any better. Thanks to Daddy for planning this awesome trip with me and making so much of arrangements to make sure everything is in place when we set out for Slovakia. I just can’t wait any longer to start exploring this new place. I love Daddy for being the best Daddy in the world.