Benefits of Owning A Pet for Leading A Happier Life

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Since childhood, I am very much fond of animals such as cat, dog, bird, fish, rabbit etc. Many of us keep these animals as pets in our house. Although they are animals, they display many human-like qualities such as emotions, love, care, loyalty, and slowly becomes a part of our family. Keeping a pet in our home benefits us by providing unconditional love and affection. Pets offer companionship which makes us love them even more. I have a pet dog in my house named Jack. He was brought to my house when I was very small and slowly he became a part of our family. He is the constant source of happiness and well-being in our home. Jack provides us enormous comfort in times of disappointments or sorrows.

Having a pet animal in our house has several psychological, social and physiological benefits. By providing constant companionship and affection, they prevent our gloominess and loneliness. Today, let us discuss the various benefits of having a pet in the house:

1. Many senior citizens who live alone experience lesser depression with the presence of a pet. It has also been proved through studies that pet increases the longevity of people suffering from heart diseases.

2. In many cases, it has been found that the presence of a pet helps us in reducing the blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. According to many psychologists, people who have anger management disorder becomes calm by keeping a pet in their house.

3. A pet can do many wonders for the house and his owner. It offers social interaction when other people are not around.

4. Owning a pet gives us a sense of purpose by making us feel needed and wanted.

5. Having a pet in the home helps the children to have a better emotional development than others who do not. They are highly beneficial to children suffering from autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). While taking care of a pet, the children are encouraged to focus on a predictable routine.

6. Owning a pet offers the best medicine for people suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis or migraines. According to research, people who use pet therapy while recovering from surgeries need less pain-relieving medication than others who do not.

7. Children with pets in their house develop fewer allergies later in their life. Thus helping children to develop a stronger immune system.

My mamma says before adopting a pet, it is important to get educated about the animal’s specific needs to maintain his health and wellness. Therefore, we all should take enough care of our pet animals and follow the necessary steps in order to keep them healthy and happy with us.