Value of Games and Sports in Our Life

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It is said that great achievements come our way when we maintain a good physical and mental state. Games and sports help us to improve physical skills and abilities in an entertaining way. My father says that it is essential for children to take part in some kind of sports for developing our physical strength and mental alertness. During weekends sometimes my father accompanies me for playing badminton. Even I enjoy watching football and cricket match with my father. Our teachers in school say that participating in sports is the best way to get involved in continuous physical activities. They always encourage us to participate in various sports. Various games and sports are organized in our school which helps us to develop important life skills such as teamwork, leadership qualities, and patience.

It Helps to Lead A Happy and Healthy Life

Participating in games and sports helps us in building and improving our confidence level. Being engaged in such activities also protects us from numerous diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart problems etc. So, in order to lead a healthy and active life, we should participate in games and sports regularly from an early stage of life. Games and sports reduce anxiety and create a feeling of happiness. It removes tiredness and lethargy. A person who takes part in these activities develops the courage to face the difficulties of life with much ease. Indoor games like chess, puzzle, sudoku improves concentration level and attention. I play many indoor games. I enjoy playing the games with Naisha, my best friend.

Important Feature of School Curriculum

Games and sports have acquired an important place in school and college curriculum. It provides learners with a diversion and enables them to focus on their lessons well. Learners get necessary breaks from the monotony of everyday life. The various rules of games inculcate a sense of discipline. It develops sportsman spirit by enabling us to deal both victories and defeat with grace. Excelling in sports teaches us the importance of perseverance, hard work, learning from failure and the importance of grasping opportunities.

Games and sports performed by professionals bring national glory. For this reason, all the civilized nations value the importance of games and sports.

Playing at the park and spending less time on gadgets:

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Playing at Park

This Friday there was this story telling session at the school. The teacher was telling us all a story about a boy who used to spend most of his time playing video games. He was a lazy, fat boy who never wanted to play any other games outside at the park. He was addicted to playing video games.

After the story was finished, the teacher told us all, that we should not restrict ourselves to playing only video games. Addiction to video games makes us lazy. It damages our eyesight. It makes us interact very less with our friends, family and the people around us.Playing video games all day and not doing enough physical exercise makes us put on a lot of weight and makes us fat. The teacher also said that if we play video games excessively and get addicted to video gaming, it might harm our brain and reduce the level of brain development. I was very scared to know that.

We should go outside whenever possible and play with other children. As we are very small and we may not play any particular games, we should at least be running around with our friends. Playing outside is a way of exercising, which helps us in our overall physical development.

I was very excited to learn this as I am always very eager to grow very strong. The teacher also told us that playing outside increases our muscle strength and also helps us gain a lot of self-confidence. It improves our vision, physical well-being and our overall health. Everyone at my class was happy to know this. We all love playing outside with friends.

I told my teacher that my Mumma and Dada take me to park at the afternoon almost every day when the weather is good. I enjoy playing outside a lot.I enjoy it more when both Mumma and Dada play with me. There are even times when I play with my friends and the parents talk to each other. I like the fresh air outside. My teacher was happy to know this from me and she encouraged me to play more outdoors and at the park.

When I came back home from school, I told Mumma about the story that our teacher told us at the school. I also told her about what the teacher told us about the reduced level of brain development. Mumma told me that this is why both by Mumma and Dada do not let me play too much with the phone or the tab. I asked Mumma, why she always thinks well about me. She told me that because I am her daughter and she loves me the most in this world, she cares for me the most. So, she does everything which is good for me. She does things which would help me in the long run when I grow up. I hugged Mumma and told her that I also love her the most.