Utilizing Your Time Effectively When You Are Alone

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My friend Alice asks me to visit her house every day after the school. She wants to spend some time so that she can get rid of her loneliness. Today I told her that it is not possible for me to visit her place every day. I asked to embrace her solitude. Here is what I told her:

  • I told her to pen down about all the activities which she does in her class, the way she spends her time with us during the breaks and the subjects which are taught in the class room every day. So, I told her to buy a pink bobby print diary with a Barbie picture on it, so that she would love to pen down her everyday activities in that.
  • I suggested her to start reading books. Books will give her ideas from different genres and will make her utilize her time in a better way. Reading story books that will surely make her happy.

After a few days, she came up to me and said that she was bored doing these activities every day. So I gave her more recommendations on leisure time activities:

  • I told her to make paper cutting designs that are very interesting and innovative too. Making paper designs with color papers and then pasting those on the walls make the walls look lively and vibrant.
  • Listening to music.Writing self-composed songs that will bring a change in her life and will freshen up her mind. This will eventually make her jolly for the rest of the evening and give her a good night’s sleep.
  • Learning to play various musical instruments such as learning piano, guitar or violin will soothe her soul.
  • I also suggested her to make sketches as this will strengthen her imagination power and help her to grow independent emotionally.

My Daddy always says the best way to spend your leisure time is by keeping yourself occupied with some activities. Introspecting our own actions during our free time makes us learn from mistakes and makes it easier to not repeat it in the future. I also wanted to give her that idea but before I could give her the break was over and our discussions ended. But next day before entering our class, I told her and she was happy to listen to it.

But Mommy always says, that meditating everyday helps us in focusing more on studies and other activities. And she even added that meditation gives us the way to have a perfect balance in our life.

That day I told Alice that I keep myself involved with my parents whenever we are together. We talk and discuss a lot about everything. Sharing my feelings and thoughts with them makes me feel good and complete as a whole. My parents also take me out during the weekends and we all spend a very good time together.We also take a vacation together and travel to faraway places. We enjoy the climate together, we explore the culture, the food and meet all new people. Spending a good time with the family always make us happy.

4 Simple Points that Parents Should Follow to Manage a Child’s Anger:

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Manage a  Child's  Anger

This weekend I went to the park with Daddy. We saw two boys fighting with each other. Their parents were trying hard to separate them from each other. I was astonished to see them fighting like this. After sometime, the parents finally separated the boys and took them back home. We also came back home in the evening. I told Daddy that I was a little scared to see the boys fighting in the park. Daddy explained to me that we fight like this when we are very angry. And, there are a few ways of managing a child’s anger. He explained to me how he and Mumma both try to manage my anger.
Here is what he told me about parents managing their child’s anger:
1.Be compassionate and provide comfort: Daddy told me that the parents should be compassionate towards their child. This provides comfort to the child and he or she starts to feel loved and cared for by the parents. Acceptance and validation by the parents helps in pacifying the anger and this eventually helps the young one to calm down.

2.Listen to the child’s problems: The parents should always listen patiently to what their child has to say about the situation which caused him or her so much of anger. This way they can get to the root cause of the problems and the child also feels the parents’ involvement with him or her. More the involvement of the parents with the child, easier it would be for both the parents and the child to figure out the problems in life and sort them accordingly.

3.Praise the child for doing some work: Praising a child for doing any work gives him or her happiness and a sense of achievement .This helps in gaining a lot of confidence in life. When the child is in a good mood and in the comfort of the parents’ proximity, they can explain the child about the consequences of all their actions – good or bad.

4.Be an example: The parents are the first set of people that the child follows as an example. If the parents maintain their calm in front of the children and never lose their temper even in frustration, the child will also follow them eventually.

Daddy told me that we all get upset and frustrated at times. Getting angry is okay but, it is not necessary that we take out our anger on the person nearby or on the things in front of us. We should not be hitting someone out of anger. We also should not throw or break things just because we are angry. Instead, we should take a deep breath and try to calm ourselves down before we act out of anger. Daddy also told me that if we keep ourselves occupied with things that we like to do such as our hobby, we are more likely to be in a happy mood always. This will reduce the chances of getting frustrated and angry on small little things.