The Special Bond of Friendship Makes Our Life Worthwhile

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Today, I am going to talk about friendship and the importance of it in our life. Friendship is an affectionate and strong bond which develops between people. I have many friends in my school and neighbourhood Ira, Lucy, John, Henry, Samuel, Sylvia, Maria and many more. It is indeed a very special gift of our life. We play together and enjoy ourselves. I consider myself fortunate enough to get so many good friends in my life. We experience many sweet and pleasing things together. Our teacher says that we should love everyone and should be friendly and affectionate towards all. Daddy says that true friends are an asset which one can cherish throughout the life.

A friendship develops through love and care. Daddy says that a true friend stands beside us in our good and bad times. True friendship should not be limited by demarcations of caste, creed or race. A friend can read our mind and can appreciate us without any pretensions or exaggeration. My mother is also my friend as she can understand everything whatever goes in my mind and always loves and cares for me. She always stands beside on bad and good times and encourages me towards success and betterment.

It is not necessary that friendship should always happen with the people of the same age group and background it can happen with people of any age group and background if they share some mutual affection, trust, care, and interpersonal association.

We being a social animal, cannot live in isolation. We need somebody to share our happiness and sorrows with. Friends not only support and accompany us but they are very much necessary for our emotional and social development. The support of a friend increases our self-confidence and helps us face the world with a zeal.

We need friends at every stage of our life. Getting good friends is life is indeed a blessing.  Friends share our grief and multiply our joy.  We spend most of our time with friends in various fields. True friends form a great pillar of support and strength in our life. They help us to stand erect in life by being with us in every situation. Mamma says a true friendship never diminishes no matter how often the friends meet but they always feel and care for one another in their good and bad days. It is an everlasting bond of mutual affection and understanding.

14 Topmost Reasons Why Trees Are Our Best Friends:

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tree our best friend


Our teacher Miss Clara always tells us about the importance of trees in our lives. She says trees are our true friend. In our school, we plant trees with the help of our teachers and we always have great fun while we do so. My grandfather also tells me about the role of trees for our survival and saving our earth. He also says we should plant trees as much as we can to save the earth from global warming and save our lives. 
Today, let me talk about trees and the various benefits they provide us. Trees serve us in many ways like a true friend.The benefits we get from trees are as follows:
1. Trees give us oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. Living beings cannot survive without oxygen. The more we plant trees the more oxygen we will get from them.
2. Trees give us fruits, flowers, seeds, and medicines.
3. Trees protect us from the scorching heat of the sun by offering us its shade.
4. The woods of the trees can be used for making furniture.
5. The paper we use for writing is also obtained from trees.
6. It gives shelter to many birds and creatures. As we know birds make their nest in the trees and live on them with their babies. Trees provide habitat for wildlife.
7. Trees help in keeping our environment cool by maintaining the ecological balance. It moderates the effect of sun, wind, and rain.
8. Soil erosion is controlled by trees and their roots. Tree plantation helps to prevent flood as the roots of the trees helps to keep the soil intact thus preventing from erosion.
9. Trees keep our environment clean, reduces air pollution. Trees are also known as rain catchers if there is no tree in an area there will be no rain in that area and the land will turn into an arid desert.
10. The presence of trees in an environment gives us a relaxed, pleasing and comfortable feeling. It helps to decrease the stress level. Trees bring colours to our environment with their leaves and the various flowers which bloom on them.
11. Trees help to control sound pollution by being an effective sound barrier.
12. If there are lots of trees in a place then the quality of the environment also increases.
13. Trees increase atmospheric moisture and shades of the trees can slow down water evaporation.
14. Exposure to trees and nature improves our concentration and trees helps to heal us faster.

My grandfather says that it is never good to cut trees without a proper reason. It is our duty to protect and care our true friend for the survival of life on earth. Even when we need to cut trees, we should plant more trees and plants than the ones we cut down and conserve them with great care. Trees are one of the blessings of Mother Nature and we should always be thankful to them.