The Power of Books in Our Life

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My Mommy always encourages me to read story books. She tells me that we can get to know a lot of new things through books. I also love to read books especially when they come with beautiful pictures on them. I start imagining so many things when I read a book. There are also times when Mommy reads me stories during bedtime. However, Mommy tells me that reading has a lot of benefits and there are mentioned below.

Reading aids in brain’s exercise – It helps the brain to strengthen its connections and also build new connections.
Reading helps in improving the concentration level – As reading makes the child sit at one place and focus on the book. This way, they will form a habit of reading for a longer span and also focus on things for more.
Reading helps in knowing so much – When you read a book, you get to know so many new things. Reading opens up a whole new horizon where a child gets to learn as well as improve their imagination skills.
Reading helps in increasing vocabulary – When you read books, you automatically improve your vocabulary as you keep learning new words while you read. This eventually helps you in having a better language skill.
Reading is a lot of fun – Reading is a great way to spend time effectively and, in a lot, a positive way.

As I read new books, I also share my books with my friends. And, later we discuss the book, share our opinion about
the characters in the book. This is a lot of fun when I and my friends discuss books. I also borrow books from my friends and they also suggest me new books based on the kind of books I prefer to read. Then there are books which I just read to gain knowledge. I also go to our school library to get new books and read them after school hours or at home during weekends.

I have a lot of books in my house. Here, I am mentioning a few:

• The Very Hungry Caterpillar – by Eric Carle
• The Hunger Games – by Suzanne Collins
• Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Guide – by J k Rowling
• Charlotte’s Web – by E B White
• Frog and Toad are Friends – by Arnold Lobel
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – by Roald Dahl

Promote Education to Be A Responsible Citizen

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Education is the most important weapon that every individual should master upon as it will further help to create a civilised and healthy society. A bigger aspect of social justice is education. It is education that helps us to acknowledge the bright meaning of life. It helps to distinguish between good and bad and helps us to choose the correct path in life. And, it is the book the biggest medium of spreading education. But corruption has not spared education too and the random price hike of books has left many stressed, annoyed and slowly many are keeping education as the tertiary matter in their priority list. You being a student and belonging from an affluent family knowing the importance of books and education in one’s life must adopt the habit of donating your old books to various unprivileged children and orphanages and to various refugee centers. Doing so, children from every sector would get the opportunity to empower themselves with education.  It is you who can contribute with your knowledge to promote education in the society.

Do Charity In A Smarter Way

In this digital era, you have innumerable opportunities only you have to look around and match your requirements. It is not necessary that you travel to various bookstores or visit different refugee centers or orphanage houses or NGOs. You can promote education simply by sitting in front of the computer screen at your home. You just need to make a list of the various places where you want to donate books and log on to their websites and mail them about your donation and these places would send one of their representatives at your place and take away your old books and notebooks that you had intended to donate.

On the other hand, if you have decided to sell off your old and used books then you too must get a good amount on its behalf as in the urge of helping others you also selling your loved item. If you do not get a good deal out of selling them, then you the enthusiast would lose the charm and probably might repent as well. For such purpose, there are various genuine online booksellers who provide good deals equally to the sellers and the buyers.

Hence without giving much of an effort, you are helping the deprived section of people wisely. Showing others, a path to responsibly promote education in virtue of building a healthy society.

Remember, only a few groups of educated students would not be able to create a conflict-free civilised society. Education has to reach every single corner of the world so that the whole global village learns to respect humanity and turns into a peaceful entity.