The New Office of My daddy

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Today, I am going to talk about my Daddy’s new office. Daddy has recently opened up a new office building in Bongaon, West Bengal. He says that this office will be able to accommodate about 170 professionals. This is actually Daddy’s attempt to bring in employment in the state of West Bengal. Daddy always helps people so that they can lead a better life, always! I love to see how daddy helps people whenever he can. I also want to inherit this aspect from him so that I can also help people whenever I can.

The new office really looks good. It has got huge desks all across the floor along with chairs and computers. I have been there during the office inauguration where all the team members were present there. There was so much warmth in everybody as people were very happy about the new office opening. People were smiling, talking sharing their experience about the kind of work they do. I was very happy to see so many happy faces around.

The office inauguration started with a ribbon cutting, followed by Puja in the office. Daddy addressed the whole crowd and was telling them about his vision in life, how he intends to work for the society and how he wants to grow this office work in terms of adding more people in the team and overall business growth. It was all a great sight at the new office.

I wish Daddy all the very best for all his future endeavours!

The Power of Books in Our Life

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My Mommy always encourages me to read story books. She tells me that we can get to know a lot of new things through books. I also love to read books especially when they come with beautiful pictures on them. I start imagining so many things when I read a book. There are also times when Mommy reads me stories during bedtime. However, Mommy tells me that reading has a lot of benefits and there are mentioned below.

Reading aids in brain’s exercise – It helps the brain to strengthen its connections and also build new connections.
Reading helps in improving the concentration level – As reading makes the child sit at one place and focus on the book. This way, they will form a habit of reading for a longer span and also focus on things for more.
Reading helps in knowing so much – When you read a book, you get to know so many new things. Reading opens up a whole new horizon where a child gets to learn as well as improve their imagination skills.
Reading helps in increasing vocabulary – When you read books, you automatically improve your vocabulary as you keep learning new words while you read. This eventually helps you in having a better language skill.
Reading is a lot of fun – Reading is a great way to spend time effectively and, in a lot, a positive way.

As I read new books, I also share my books with my friends. And, later we discuss the book, share our opinion about
the characters in the book. This is a lot of fun when I and my friends discuss books. I also borrow books from my friends and they also suggest me new books based on the kind of books I prefer to read. Then there are books which I just read to gain knowledge. I also go to our school library to get new books and read them after school hours or at home during weekends.

I have a lot of books in my house. Here, I am mentioning a few:

• The Very Hungry Caterpillar – by Eric Carle
• The Hunger Games – by Suzanne Collins
• Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Guide – by J k Rowling
• Charlotte’s Web – by E B White
• Frog and Toad are Friends – by Arnold Lobel
• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – by Roald Dahl