Blessings of Science for Making Human Life Progressive

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Since childhood, my father tells me stories every day before going to bed. Sometimes he narrates stories of prehistoric times before the advancement of science and technologies. The life of human beings was difficult, toilsome and full of ignorance then. We live in the era of science and technology, the development of scientific inventions has benefitted us in every walk of our life. We enjoy various gifts of science every day which has revolutionized every aspect of the present day civilization.

Scientific Discoveries Made Our Life Easy And Comfortable

In our school, we read about renowned scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Thomas Alva Edison, Sir Alexander Fleming, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell who with their tireless efforts made significant contributions to mankind. Their scientific inventions and discoveries have relieved our sufferings and made our life easy and comfortable.

Improved The Quality of Our Living

Mamma says that blessings of science and technology have made human life progressive. Now we can do all kinds of manual work with the help of machines. In the field of health and medical care, science has made a great contribution. Nowadays, many diseases can be cured with the help of science, epidemics have been reduced. Science and technological innovations have brought tremendous improvement in the quality of our living and enhanced the lifespan of humans.

Advancement In Transport And Communication

In the field of transport and communication, Technology has reduced distance and space. We can easily travel from one place to another with the help of bus, car, tram, train, airplanes. Within the fraction of a second, we can connect from one corner of the world to the other through various scientific technology.

Electricity, Wonderful Gift of Science

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without electricity. Most of the work of our everyday life is dependent upon electricity. Our teacher says we get the uninterrupted supply of electricity from the thermal, hydro and gas power plants.

Development In Agriculture

Even in the field of agriculture, the introduction of latest technology has greatly increased the production of crops. Improved methods of farming and preservation of surplus food have been introduced.

In our school, many workshops are organized which allows us to explore and develop scientific ideas. My father says that science is a boon in the service of mankind but it should always be used in the right manner. Science can also turn into a curse if it is used for some harmful purpose. Weapons such as atom bombs and hydrogen bombs, missiles can diminish the whole word within a couple minutes. Science and technology is indeed a great tool which should be used efficiently for the overall benefit of mankind.

Need for Patience for Leading A Successful Life

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My father says for leading a successful and happy life it is important to inculcate certain virtues among us since our childhood. These virtues not only help us to lead a good social life but also benefits us in gaining success in our academic and professional endeavors. There goes a proverb ‘Haste makes waste’. This means a hasty person makes lots of mistake in his life. So it is important to realize the value of patience by every individual in the society and cultivate it. Daddy says being patient can help us to reach out the stars. With patience, we can avoid making hasty decisions.

Patience, An Essential Moral Quality

In today’s world, most of us lack patience and get irritated at very small things such as losing a football match, waiting for our turn for something. Patience is an essential moral quality which makes us a better person. In order to shape our talents and inborn abilities into real achievements, it is important for us to have patience. If we want to master any art or enhance our talents we need to make a continuous effort for a long time. For achieving our dreams, one must have the zeal to overcome challenges and the strength to overcome blockades which comes only through patience. Our teachers in school always emphasize the habit of developing patience among us. When we engage in various activities in our school we learn the valuable qualities of co-operation, sharing, caring, and patience.

Patience Helps in The Development of Positive Attitudes

Many times, things around us do not turn the way we want. In such situations instead of getting frustrated, we should learn to be patient. Mamma says it is necessary to see things and circumstances in a positive light for making our life happier. And patience helps us to develop positivity. My mother always insists that if we face a situation which is challenging or difficult to bear then we should try to re-frame the situation and see the positive side of it.

Patience Helps Us to Stay Healthy

Often it is said that anger and stress are two things which can ruin our mental and physical health. Whereas patience acts as an antidote to these. A patient man can overcome any challenging circumstances with more ease and flexibility. We can lead a healthy life by being stress-free and happy. One who is patient is sure about his goal and puts his desired efforts in the right direction.

Patience makes us tolerant and builds empathy towards others. It acts as an important tool for overcoming frustrations. I have seen my parents taking things patiently they have an open mind and always face difficulties calmly. My parents are a great source of inspiration to me.