Baby Brain Development Tips. How to encourage a Healthy and Intelligent Brain Development in your baby.

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Everything starts from the day your baby starts to hear your voice. And believe it or not, it starts from the WOMB.

It depends on the way you communicate with your baby while in the Womb, and how to build on the communication between the two of you.

The way you look at your baby, the way you hold your baby, the way you read to your baby, sing to your baby, and even the way you dramatize the play between the two of you, can influence a very healthy brain development for your child.

Here are a few quick tips:
1 Chat to your baby in the womb

2 Always look into your baby’s eyes. Even if it is just gazing in their eyes.

3 Touch and cuddle your baby (They SO love it !)

4 Always comfort your upset baby. Leaving the baby cry is a sign of distrust. When you comfort your baby when they cry, they start trusting you and put their faith in you. They know you would be around when they need you.

5 Keep Talking to your Baby

6 Play as much as you can, with your baby

7 Read educational, pictured and colourful books to your baby. Show them what you are reading.

8 Find a new word each day and use it with your baby.

9 Play Music and Sing with your Baby

10 Promote your baby 🙂 Encourage them to do things in Groups and Public. Babies love appreciation. whether its a drawing, a dance or even singing.

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I did not initially think he would maintain all this, but they asked him in the Dads-To-Be course and he has got a little serious about then since.

Keeping the records of how your baby is growing is good, but come on dad, you seriously dont want to publish it on the web do you?

Never mind, I am wee child right now, can’t tell you what to do and what not to. If you say this is useful, I would go with it.