I am home now. Veerica Baby Arrives Home

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Finally I am here..

There was a surprise for me. Dad had asked mum’s friends to come over and welcome us both.
It was so noisy, I did not know I would have so much audience. It was noisy and crowded. I liked it in the Hospital. it was quiet and whenever I cried, I was given a 5 star service.

Some pictures of my welcome:

Day 4 – Veerica’s Way Home – I am so excited

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I am super excited. I am going home after having spent 3 days at the St John’s Hospital in Livingston, Scotland.
I know Dadu and Amma have organised a welcome for me and they have also decorated the house.

Seems that Dadu has assembled the moses basket for me. Something he has done for the first time in life.
I could get the video. Here it is: