My First Caravan Outing to Sandylands in Ayrshire

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Hello Everyone,

I am now almost 2 months and mum says I am fine for a short holiday. That is why Dad got us here at Sandylands Caravan Park in Ayrshire.

We booked a cosy 3 bedroom caravan and I was super excited to be here. Please remember, for me it is the first time I am entering a caravan.

The weather was not much to my favour because I am not a great at resisting wind yet, but overall it was fun.

If you are planning to get to Sandylands, maybe you can find some helpful information here:

Veerica and her Inspirational Stories – Episode 1 – For Kids & Children Learning & Brain Development

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Daddy started me a storybook series call Veerica and her Inspirational Stories. He says stories like these help Kids & Children in their Learning & Brain Development.

I like them already. Here is the episode 1 for you all: