4 Months Old Now – Veeria’s 4 Month Old Pictures

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I am 4 months old now. And daddy took some pictures as usual.
I wasnt quite stable at the chair he used, and mommy was holding the white towel they use to pat me dry after bath.

I was doubtful that the pictures with this DIY setup would come up as nice as they did. Have a look:

Veerica’s First Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan, Brother Sister Festival in India

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Today was my first Rakhi (also known as Raksha Bandhan). Dad told me that this day is celebrated by all brothers and sisters across India (and Indians worldwide). Today, all sisters tie a band (known as “rakhi”) on the arms of their brothers. This band signifies a symbol of “Love”, “Bonding” and “Protection”.

The brothers promise to take care of their sisters, love them and protect them throughout their lives.

Modern day celebrations also include exchanging gifts and most commonly Brothers giving money to sisters instead of gifts. (So they can buy the gifts of their own choice and preference).

I am blessed with such an integrated family. And like most of the families in India, we too celebrated Raksha Bandhan with great joy and fun.

I look forward to coming years when I would be able to understand it even better an also tie rakhis on my brothers’ hands.