British Naturalisation Process for Child Born in UK before Parents became settled or got their ILR, MN1

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* This article and information in this article applies only to children born in the UK before parents became settled in the UK or got their ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) also known as PR commonly.

I was born about 6 months before daddy got his ILR. As you may have read on my earlier posts, I already applied for and received my Indian Passport too. So now I needed to be naturalised as a British Citizen.

The Entire Process is described below:

1 First of all you would need to download the appropriate form (“MN1” at the time of my application), fill the form, and prepare for application. Make sure you have included all the required documents.

2 You are better off taking the Nationality Checking Service if available around you. It costs you about £65 extra, but is worth as they make sure you haven’t made any mistakes and all the documents needed are in order. The other advantage is that you don’t have to send any original documents along with the application.

3 You would then wait for about 3 months before you get your British Naturalisation Certificate. Please dont laminate, seal, fold the certificate once you receive it, as they tend not to accept it.

4 After you have had your naturalisation certificate, you can go to any post office and take the British Passport Application Form. I used the check and send service, which only costs £8.75 extra, and the Post Office staff checks the application and documents to make sure everything is OK before you apply.

5 Once applied, they would send you an email, text or letter stating that the application is received and that you should wait around 6 weeks.

6 You should receive your passport if the application went through ok.