Every Morning Breakfast Drama!

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Good morning everyone! It’s again that time of the day when mumma runs after me and I run away from her. Why? Every morning mumma tells me to complete my breakfast and I don’t. Yes mumma keeps telling me breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We should always eat heavy breakfast to stay healthy and strong. Even my teacher also tells us the same thing. Mumma has explained me several times, why children should have breakfast properly; it help us stay strong, it boosts brain power and helps us stay energetic throughout the day, but I just don’t like having breakfast.

I get up in the morning at 7’o clock and the first thing I do is brush my teeth. Then it’s time for breakfast! Mumma first gives me a health drink and then some heavy food. Some day she would make me porridge, some days she would give cereals and some days she makes sandwiches. Mumma is a very good cook and she makes yummy food, but I just don’t like eating in the morning. Mumma gets very angry on me because I don’t eat properly in the morning. I tell her I don’t like eating breakfast but she does not listen. Sometimes I even get late for school, because I keep telling I’ll have it a bit later. Mumma gets really angry.

Today she has prepared eggs and toast and I am not in a mood to have them. I know mumma will get angry again, but dadda will save me from her scolding. Every time mumma gets angry on me, dadda saves me from her scolding. I will tell you a secret – last week mumma made cheese bacon sandwich for breakfast and I was not hungry at all. So when mumma went to the kitchen to pack my tiffin, I hid the sandwich behind a potted plant in the backyard. Mumma was surprised a bit (she thought I finished the sandwich quickly), but she was happy too. A few days later she found the hidden sandwich and I got a good scolding. Later dadda told me, I shouldn’t waste food since there are many children who don’t even get to eat. I said sorry and mumma hugged me.

I know mumma loves me a lot and that is why she prepares something new every day but I just don’t like eating in the morning. All my friends tell me the same thing. Even dadda gets a scolding from mumma when he does not eat breakfast and goes out for work in a hurry. Sometimes mumma gets so angry that she says she’ll complain to my teacher, but she has never done that.

I have promised that I will never make mumma angry again. I will listen to her and eat whatever she prepares for breakfast. I’ll be mumma and dadda’s good girl and keep them happy always. I’ll ask mumma to make my favourite morning breakfast tomorrow and I’ll surprise her by finishing it quickly!

Time To Have Fun At Home!

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The holiday season is over but I am still in a mood to celebrate! Why? I got a lot of gifts and presents from my friends, mumma, dadda and Santa during Christmas and New Year and now it’s time to have fun playing with them. I have got a lot of indoor games, so I decided to have fun playing with them this week. Mumma will also have some time to relax since she won’t have to take me out!

I wanted to play with all the gifts at a time, but mumma said not to mess up the home with all of them. She said, I can play with one game a day. So I have a plan here:

Monday: I will play with the play dough. My friend gave me during Christmas. Last month when I visited her place, we played with her play dough and we had a lot of fun. So she gave me one too! This is I’ll invite her to my place and we’ll have fun again.

Tuesday: I will play with my doll house. This was a gift from my dadda! I love him very much. He gives me all that I ask for. Last month we went to the shopping mall, I saw the doll house and asked dadda to buy me. He promised to buy me the doll house during Christmas and he kept his promise! I am so happy!

Wednesday: Time for some painting. Mumma bought me a large painting book and lots of colours. So I will make a beautiful painting for mumma. She’ll be very happy!

Thursday: Santa gifted me a Lego set this year. It says, My First Garden. I’ll build a beautiful garden and keep it in my room. Even my friends have received gifts from Santa and they are very excited. I will build my own garden and show them.

Friday: Jigsaw Puzzle! I will need mumma’s help to play this one. It seems somewhat difficult. I am sure mumma will teach me how to play this. I and mumma will have a great time playing together.

Saturday: Playdough again. I really like playing with play dough. I will make something very nice. I even have a rocking horse so I can play with it for some time as well.

Sunday: Sundays we go for outings but this week I’ll ask dadda to stay back home and play with me. I have so many gifts that I can’t finish playing with them in one week. I have many more games, so I think I will need to stay indoors for another week.

I will ask mumma to organize for a play date for me and my friends. I will call all my friends and have fun with them. Mumma always says playing together is a lot more fun than playing alone. So this time I will share all my toys with my friends and have a great time. So the planning is over and now it’s time to play!  So bye and have fun!