How Education Gives Meaning to Your Life

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Our teacher Miss Clara say education is the most important tool which can create a healthy society. Education makes us confident and helps us in handling the challenges of life. It makes us mentally, socially and intellectually strong by increasing our knowledge and skill. My parents say education gives us opportunities for achieving better prospects in life. The progress and development of a country depend on its educational system. It makes the citizens responsible for a better future of the nation. Education makes us aware of our human rights, duties, and responsibilities.

Education Makes Us Civilized

Education is the systematic process of improving our knowledge, learning, understanding, and skill. It helps us to make balance throughout our life in every aspect. Every human being has the right to receive an education. Education gives meaning to our lives and helps us to set goals and work for the fulfillment of it. Proper education is necessary for each and every individual to enhance their standard of living as well as to become a part of the social and economic development of a country. Mamma says education teaches us to maintain a balance between our body, mind, and spirit. It makes a society civilized by bringing knowledge and awareness among all.

Broadens Our Perspective

We learn about many important things from our teachers in school. Apart from imparting lessons, they teach us the importance of developing valuable moral qualities such as sharing, co-operation, love, sympathy, and care. Daddy says education broadens our perspective in life and helps us to form our beliefs and opinions on various issues. An educated person is aware of the happening in the world and can adjust himself to the changing environment. It is said that the social, economic barriers among people can be removed only through education.

Removes Prejudice And Superstition

Mamma says those who are not educated are easily deceived by others. Many illiterate people blindly follow superstitions and beliefs which sometimes endangers their life. On the other hand, education removes superstition and prejudice by giving sound knowledge and understanding.

Generates Awareness

Education has created miracles in every aspect of our life. There is a rapid advancement in the field of science and technology, fatal diseases can be cured, even man has become more conscious about saving nature. All these are due to education which generates awareness among all.

Education is not only received from the school. Home is the first place where our education begins. I learn many things from my parents and they are the greatest source of motivation of my life.

Role of a Teacher in Shaping the Future of a Nation

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Our manners, behaviour, and habits are often influenced by others. Since childhood we learn many things from our parents, family members, caregivers, and many others. But our teachers are the ones who play a very important role in our life. A teacher not only provides knowledge and improves the skill of the students but shapes their life through their knowledge, love, care, and patience. A good teacher possesses many qualities to help their students to become successful in life. My mamma says that teachers build the future of our nation. Teachers help us to grow socially, intellectually and mentally.

I have many teachers in my schools like Miss Clara, Miss Dorothy, Miss Lydia, Sir Andrew and many more. They are very loving and caring. They make our daily lessons interesting and exciting and we feel motivated to learn new things every day. Today, let us discuss the role of teachers in our lives.

  1. A good teacher is a source of knowledge, prosperity, and enlightenment which benefits us through our entire life. Daddy says that they are like a gift of God in our life who leads us to success without any selfishness.
  2. They act as the real light in our life by helping us to make our ways in life. A good teacher not only makes students academically sound but also teaches us to be a person of good moral and behavior.
  3. They strengthen learners with knowledge, skills and positive attitude so that the students can go ahead in their path of life without feeling lost.
  4. They enable students to make sure about their goals of education through clear vision and ideas.
  5. A good teacher spends his entire life in giving quality education to his students.
  6. A good teacher does not possess a biased attitude among students. He puts in a lot of efforts to bring the bad one on the right path through positivity and motivation.

My Mamma says that the profession of teaching is considered as an ideal profession as teachers provide selfless services to build someone’s life. Our teachers also take care of our food habit, personal hygiene, cleanliness and behaviour with others. Health camps are organized in our school campus to monitor and maintain the records of our height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, IQ level etc. Teachers thus nourish and shape up the life of young ones and the future generation of a country. We should always love and respect our teachers.