I am home now. Veerica Baby Arrives Home

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Finally I am here..

There was a surprise for me. Dad had asked mum’s friends to come over and welcome us both.
It was so noisy, I did not know I would have so much audience. It was noisy and crowded. I liked it in the Hospital. it was quiet and whenever I cried, I was given a 5 star service.

Some pictures of my welcome:

Veerica Day 2 – Feeding and Latching Problems. Naughty Me :)

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I am now exactly 24 hours and 30 minutes old 🙂

I have been giving mum really tough time since morning. yesterday night I let her easy cuz I knew she was tired. But now she has to teach me how to feed myself on her and how to do it right.

Dad’s research says that even if babies adamantly resists nursing, or breast feeding, it is very possible to breast feed them, however, it will involve time, patience, and LOADS OF PERSISTENCE.

If you also have a newborn like me who is not latching on, do keep in mind that almost all reluctant nursers will start latching by four to eight weeks of life.

And because I was born with a C Section, I did not manage to bring out the mucusy stuff in me. This makes me feel full and not want to drink. Think of it, if you feel sick, would you want to eat?

Lots of advises from lots of uniformed staff around me 🙂 here is what i could gather:

Feed the baby regularly. Because the baby does not latch, do not keep trying latching. Dont leep the baby hungry for more than 4-5 hours. Definitely no more than 6 hours.

A baby who is getting the right amount of calories and feed is best able to learn how to latch and nurse. Though the first choice is mom’s own milk, second choice is banked milk from another mom, third choice is infant formula.

Second more important advice is to maintain the milk supply even if the baby is not latching or nursing by milk expression method. This way babies keep getting the milk and the taste provides for baby to learn to nurse, and baby’s efforts will be better rewarded (with more milk).

It’s not a good idea to keep trying for more than about 10 minutes – after this baby will be tired

Wear clothing that allows very easy access to the breasts.

Lots of skin-to-skin contact can help your baby nurse better and even gain weight faster. Kangaroo Style 🙂

Sleep near your baby.

It is also a good idea to speak to the midwife and help her train you the right positions and techniques.

Warning to all babies: If you don’t latch well, you would be fed like this:

Force Feeding a Baby

I hate this