Easter Preparations – A Time for Family Celebrations

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celebrationEvery year, my parents arrange for Easter preparation, while I just sit and watch; but this year, Mumma said that I could participate, too! I can barely hold my excitement in! I am determined to work tirelessly, with zeal, to help my parents with the adornments.

I learnt all about Easter from Dadda. When I was three, he had made me sit on his lap, and enlightened me about how Jesus Christ had sacrificed his life for us, and how his death was followed by his Resurrection.

“What does Resurrection mean, Dadda?” I had enquired. He had replied, “It means rising from the dead.” I remember being happy to learn a new word.

I was awestruck after learning about why we celebrate Easter, and I felt guilty, too. So I apologized to God for all my sins.

Since Easter is just round the corner, we have begun shopping for all the items that are necessary. I have painted a picture of Jesus, and Dadda said he loved it.

Mumma has bought a beautiful, red dress for me. I will wear it to Church on Easter Sunday. While she has been keeping busy cleaning the house, I have been helping her in every way possible.

I have also helped my parents pick out the music CDs that we will listen to, on that day. My favourite Easter song is “This is the Way the Bunny Hops”, and I have prepared a little dance to perform along with it, before Easter dinner.

This year, I am also going to help Mumma with her cooking. The menu has already been decided, and even thinking of it gets me drooling. There will be ham, along with truffled eggs, and mashed potatoes for dinner; for dessert, she wished to bake a carrot cake but I insisted on brownies, instead.

Our decorations have also been planned, and I was overjoyed when my suggestions were taken into account. There will be an Easter Bunny center piece, and I am responsible for picking flowers from our garden, for the empty vases.

I have also made a “Happy Easter” sign, to be displayed at the entrance, and on our door, a wreath, entwined with bright, rice lights, will be hung. I hope the adornments look as beautiful as they do in my head.

We follow a tradition in our house on each Easter Sunday. Dadda hides the Easter eggs in various spots in the house, and I try to find them. It is similar to a treasure hunt, and he provides me with clues to help me to look for them.

I will get to paint the Easter eggs as well, but Mumma says I need to be cautious, lest they break.

My best friend, along with her parents, have also been invited for dinner. I can barely wait for Easter, and I sure am looking forward to having a great evening with the people I hold close to my heart.

Even though it is somewhat difficult to celebrate someone’s sacrifice, I understand that He gave up His life only so that we can live in peace and harmony. I have decided to be a good person, because I do not want Him to look at me from Heaven and feel that He sacrificed His life for nothing.


The Old Carpet

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Once upon a time, there lived 3 friends known as Jennifer, Rose and Diana.
They were best friends forever and were very adventurous. Jennifer and Diana were very logical and thought that every story and every character were nothing more than myth, but Rose was really sensitive and very coward.

Once, Diana’s grandmother became very ill. Jennifer and Rose were playing badminton in their court. Suddenly, Rose hit the shuttle cock so hard that Jennifer could hit it back. Jennifer went to bring the shuttle cock, while searching for it, Jennifer found an old and dusty carpet.

The carpet was really shabby and looked like it was there for years together. She called Rose, while coming, surprisingly, Diana also came. All the 3 of them were really astonished seeing the carpet. Suddenly an idea came to Rose’s mind, she told, “Let us create an imaginary story with this and-“, Rose was interrupted by Jennifer, she told, “And play with this. Am I write Rose?” “You are completely write Jennifer”. All 3 of them sat on the carpet. Diana said “Let us make a story in which, we would give commands to our carpet and it would fly high in the sky, OK?” “OK”, said the other 2. “Oh dear carpet, fly high in the shy and give us a spectacular sight of our entire city!”, said Diana. To their surprise, the carpet actually flew up in the sky and gave them a splendorous view of their city! They were really happy as well as very astonished. They gave a lot more commands to the carpet and even watched the sunset’s view from such a height. in the evening, when all of them were really tired, they decided that Rose would take the carpet to her home everyday and all of them would meet everyday in the park and roam about the whole world just sitting on their magical carpet. Seeing the whole city from bird’s eye view was really very exciting! One day, Jennifer said, “Friends this special would surely belong to a special person and he or she might be finding for his or her carpet and what if the person would be a bad person, and could even harm us or ask us a large sum of money for riding on this carpet for so many days.” All of them got really scared and went running away to their houses leaving the carpet behind. That night, someone came to Jennifer’s room. She saw a, WITCH! Jennifer was really scared and before she could scream at top of her lungs, the witch said “Please do not be scared of me, I am a good witch. I am roaming in this world for several years because I have lost my carpet. Have you seen it ? If yes then please, help me, please”. Jennifer understood that the witch was talking about the carpet that the 3 of them got in the park. She took her to Rose and Diana’s house. The 3 of them went to the park and gave the good witch the carpet that they got. The witch thanked all the 3 best friends. The witch said, “Ask for any wish and I would surely grant it dear kids”. All 3 of them thought for a while, then, Rose said “Good witch, we want you to cure Diana’s grandmother’s fever”. The witch agreed and went to her world riding on her carpet. The next day when Diana checked her grandmother’s fever, she saw that it was completely gone! She quickly called her friends and thanked both of them, specially Rose (because she asked the witch to cure her grandmother’s fever).

This, was the story of the 3 BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!