Another Painful Incident –Smashed Finger!

Last evening I invited my friends for a play date at my home and we decided to play a lot of games and have fun. Mumma once told me she played hide and seek with her friends when she was a kid, so we decided to play the same game. In the first turn, I decided to be the seeker and asked my friends to hide. As I counted one to 10, all my friends hid themselves in various places inside the home. I found all of them quickly and then it was my friend’s turn to become the seeker.

As she started counting, I looked for a nice place to hide, so that I could not be caught easily. I looked around and decided to hide behind the kitchen door. She finished counting and started looking for us. She looked behind the couch, under the table, inside the bathroom and caught everyone else other than me. I was watching her through the crack of the hinge. Then she realised she didn’t check the kitchen and came running towards the kitchen. She was so excited to find me that she didn’t notice my finger was inside the crack and she slammed the door smashing my finger.

The pain was severe and mumma came running as she heard me crying aloud. My finger was throbbing with pain. My finger became red due to bruising and swelled instantly. Mumma got afraid initially but she responded quickly. She got a bowl full of ice and soaked my finger in it. The moment she put my finger inside the ice the pain increased immensely but gradually the pain started to lower. Mumma soothed me as I kept on crying continuously.

Once the pain started to soothe, Mumma called my doctor, since some blood collected under the nail. Doctor told Mumma to give me some ibuprofen (Mumma told me the name later) to lower the pain further. He also asked to put some ointment to ease the pain and alleviate the blood clot. He also said that the blood clot might take some time to go away, but there is nothing much to worry about.

I am very afraid to visit the doctor, so Mumma said we don’t need to visit if the pain goes away by the night. The pain was still there and I couldn’t eat dinner. I prayed to god to take away the pain and went to sleep. Today morning when I got up the pain was almost gone and I was happy that I didn’t have to the doctor

My friend called me to say sorry as she was feeling guilty to hurt me. I told her I was fine and she doesn’t need to worry anymore. But Mumma said I should take rest for a day, so I didn’t go to school today. But I will be alright by tomorrow and will be fit to go to school and play with my friends.


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