Benefits of Swimming Regularly

We engage in various physical activities in order to stay fit and healthy. These are cycling, swimming, dancing and many more. These physical exercises not only benefit our body but also stimulate our mind. Mamma says that regular exercises make our muscles work and help our body to burn calories. Nowadays, I have started swimming regularly. And, it has become one of my favourite exercises. Though before, I used to feel scared of water but now I enjoy it very much. Our trainer says that swimming is an excellent way to work our entire body and cardiovascular system. He says that an hour of swimming can burn as many calories as running. Swimming is fun and can be continued for a lifetime.

Swimming as A Source of Recreation

Swimming is a great source of recreation for people of all ages. It provides a great way to relax and feel good. It is a low impact activity and has multiple benefits for our physical and mental health. There are various strokes used to add variety to our swimming workouts such as backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, sidestroke, and butterfly. My Father is also a good swimmer and I love to swim in the pool with Daddy. He says that whatever be the stroke of swimming, we engage most of the muscle groups to move our body through the water. Swimming offers us a powerful way to relieve stress quickly.

Swimming and its Various Health Benefits

Swimming increases the heart rate without stressing our body. It tones muscles, builds strength and endurance. It strengthens our heart and lungs. Research says that swimming lowers the risk of death. Those who engage in it regularly compared to people those who do not, live longer. Regular swimming also lowers blood pressure and keeps the blood sugar controlled.

Swimming as A Safe Exercise

Our swimming trainer says that patients suffering from arthritis, disability, injury and other health issues can also engage in swimming as it is a safe exercise option for them. High impact exercises become difficult for people suffering from such conditions. It even helps patients to recover from an injury and reduces some of the pain. It has been proved through some studies that engaging in exercises like swimming, significantly reduces joint pain and stiffness of patients suffering from osteoarthritis and enables them to feel less physical limitations.

Regular swimming improves our sleep at night, offers an effective way to burn calories. It is also good for people suffering from asthma. But Mamma says that before starting any physical exercise, it is important to consult a doctor and go for a check-up and take his valuable advice in order to avoid any complications.

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