Incredible Benefits of Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is often described as a wonder plant as it claims to have several therapeutic properties. It is a succulent plant which stores water in its thick and fleshy leaves. The Egyptians called Aloe Vera ‘the plant of immortality’ and it can perform several miracles for our skin, hair, and health as well. Aloe Vera is used extensively in beauty products. It has been seamlessly integrated into everything we use from beauty cream to health juice and dietary supplements. The plant has a height of one or two feet with prickly leaves in it. We have an Aloe Vera plant in our garden. In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera is advocated as a healer when it is consumed orally or applied.

Mamma says when Aloe Vera is put into our personal care regimen it can treat, exfoliate, restore and provide constant nutrition to the human skin. We use Aloe Vera to treat minor cuts, burn, wounds and dry skin. It is rich in Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene which give it a nourishing and anti-aging property. It moisturizes our skin without making it greasy hence can be used for all skin types. Daddy says drinking a glass of Aloe Vera juice early in the morning on an empty stomach improves our digestion and cures stomach related problems. Using Aloe Vera is recommended by dermatologist for treating sunburn, stretch marks, removing tan as it can treat the cells on the epithelial level of the skin. It can be used in summer as well as in winter season.

Aloe Vera improves skin elasticity and makes it smoother and supple. Applying Aloe Vera on the scalp helps to remove dead skin cells and thus promotes hair growth. It can work wonders for dandruff related problems such as the itchy scalp. The juice produced by Aloe Vera is used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease which causes heartburn, chest pain, and trouble in swallowing. Research shows Aloe Vera can maintain blood sugar and can help reduce the cholesterol level. Using toothpaste made up of Aloe Vera plays an effective role in maintaining our oral hygiene. It prevents gum inflammation and the anti-bacterial property of Aloe Vera protects our teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Regular intake of Aloe Vera juice can strengthen our immune system.

For planting the tree we should make sure that it receives enough warmth and sunlight. Too much of water can hamper its growth and make it rot. The Aloe Vera gel can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. We should always use sterilized containers for storing the gel.

Developing the Good Habit of Early Rising

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There goes a popular proverb “‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” My Mum says that early rising is the secret to a happy life. Though waking up early can be tiring at the beginning. But once we get used to the habit of early rising, we will have more energy to take on the day. Early rising can help us to plan, set goals and make better decisions. It helps us to enjoy a peaceful, distraction-free time where we can remain more focused on what we are doing. Many successful people of the world are early risers. The simple habit can change our lives and give immense health benefits.

Let Us Discuss the Advantages of Developing the Good Habit of Rising Early:

1. Good for Mental and Physical Health – Our body and mind remain fresh in the morning. That’s why our brain can receive things more quickly. Many people say that the early morning is the best time to study. The pleasing morning air can fill our heart with joy. Early risers not only gain in health and spirit but they gain a lot in terms of work efficiency as well. Taking a walk in the morning fresh air can boost our mental and physical health like tonics. Research says that early risers are often more optimistic and are likely to experience more satisfaction in their lives.

2. Healthy Eating Habits – Those who have a habit of waking up late often tends to skip breakfast. Eating breakfast helps to build a healthy eating habit and it reduces the food cravings for consuming unhealthy food for the rest of the day.

3. More Time to Exercise – Exercising and waking up early is a great way to overcome lethargy. It helps us to energise our body and get it ready for the day’s work.

4. Improves the Quality of Sleep – Early rising often helps in the establishment of a proper sleep routine. It becomes easier to develop the habit of waking up early and at the same time every morning. Experts say that following a sleep routine not only improves the quality of our sleep but also helps to set the body’s internal clock which makes it easier for us to sleep and wake up naturally.

So, now I make sure to go to bed early so that I can wake up in the morning. The chirping of birds, the smell, and colour of flowers make me wonder at the beauty of nature. Sometimes I go for a walk with daddy and it feels amazing.