Stories That I Enjoy Reading

Since childhood, I am very fond of listening and reading story books. My father used to read stories for me before going to bed. During my birthday or other occasions, my parents buy me storybooks. Sometimes I read the stories with my friends when they visit my home. Mamma says developing reading habits help us to enhance our analytical and thinking skills. It improves focus and concentration and can bring immense inner peace to the reader.

Today, I am going to tell you all about some of the stories which I enjoy reading.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The famous story is written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. The book narrates how a girl named Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of peculiar anthropomorphic creatures. She faces various challenges and many interesting things happens to her in the fantasy world. The structure, character, narrative course, imagery used in the story are enormously influential. The important characters of the book include Alice, the white rabbit, the dodo, the mouse, the duck, puppy, Bill the lizard, the Duchess, the caterpillar etc. My favorite character is Alice who is kind and curious. In the Wonderland she meets lots of friends but it turned out to be a dream at the end. There are twelve interesting chapters of the original novel. Whenever I read the book it gives me great pleasure and it inspires me to use my imagination. I imagine myself at Alice’s place while reading the beautiful story.

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is another popular story which I enjoy reading. It is originally written by Charles Perrault. The story promotes the virtues of selfless sacrifice to protect those we love, finding the inner beauty of people and being kind towards everyone even if they are harsh towards us.


Cinderella is a folk tale which embodies the myth-element of unjust oppression and triumphant reward. It depicts how a young woman Cinderella who was living in unfortunate circumstances is suddenly changed to remarkable fortune. The story shows the ability to achieve success through perseverance and positive behavior while facing negative circumstances.

Snow White

Snow White is a popular 19th-century German fairy tale which features elements such as the poisoned apple, the magic mirror, the glass coffin, and the characters of the evil queen, and the seven dwarfs.

A good book is like a good friend which can make us feel better and relaxes our mind and soul. So we should develop the habit of reading from an early age.

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