Indian Embassy in Edniburgh, How to apply for your child’s first Indian Passport, What must you know!!

*This article applies to children whose parents are not British Citizens yet and wish to apply for an Indian passport for their newborn

Well, I enjoyed my Passport Application at the Indian Embassy in Edinburgh! It took Daddy 5 x 27 mile rides to get it right. And that too after being an IT Professional, who understand the internet and information online pretty well. I would not blame the Indian Embassy, they are like Gods. What they say is correct. Everything else otherwise 🙂

So, first they would want you to fill a form online, and ask you to get all the documents mentioned on their website. Only when you actually get there fully prepared, the nightmare starts.

The staff is SUPER RUDE 90% of the times, as if they were not being paid on time, and have not had their food since months. They also have a UNIVERSAL EXCUSE “The website is under maintenance, so the information is not correct”

According to daddy, if you want to get it right the first time, you you must have done all of the below:

1 Filled in the Online “pre-application form” prior to your application. T

2 Then there is a second form regarding the passport that needs to be downloaded and printed.

3 Please make sure that you fill in the latest ones on their website. This post was written in May 2013, hence their forms and requirements may have changed at the time of your application.

4 Though they do not mention this, you would need an affidavit that the child has not had any other nationality or passport. You can get this done from a solicitor near your are and the usual charge is around £30

5 Photograph in the specified size. Use this site to print photos cheap. You can take picture from a camera and take it to ASDA or any other Superstore for print.

6 Both Parents Passports

7 Parents Marriage Certificate

8 Utility Bills for last 3 months showing the address as registered on the Child’s Birth Certificate

9 Bank Statements for last 3 months

10 Child’s Full Birth Certificate

11 Cash for the fees

I am pretty sure they would still find a way of proving your application as invalid, but this is the best you can prepare yourself with 🙂

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