Christmas in London

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It’s that time of year when all the Christmas decorations are up, not just at home, but throughout the streets all over the world. Wandering through my city, London, during this time is simply magnificent.  The streets are alive with the Christmas Spirit, filled with sparkling lights and people doing their Christmas shopping. I along with Mumma and Dadda go out in the evening of Christmas Eve every year to explore the city.

In London the celebration of Christmas starts within the Christians about four weeks before the Christmas and ends on 12th day of the Christmas. People start preparations in the beginning of the month with big passion. At Christmas time, a walk around London has its own special magic as we explore and experience the city in the cold. Mumma and Dadda chalked out an entire road map for covering some of the most beautiful places across London.

A walk around posh London at Christmas time, especially after dark when all the lights are twinkling, is a really beautiful stroll. Burlington Arcade, off Piccadilly, is the longest and oldest arcade in the UK. Beautiful shop windows, fabulous decorations, with red carpet from beginning to end make this a magical arcade. Mumma then suggested that we should walk through Old Bond Street, parallel to Burlington Arcade.

It is a narrow street where some of the world’s most famous designers and jewelers have shops. The decorations in the windows and outside the shops are spectacular, and a stroll along here is breathtaking. Fortnum and Mason’s, which is a department store on the other side of the road, had their window theme this year as ‘Puss in Boots’ and a part of the story decorates each window.

Another most important part of Christmas celebrations is the Christmas Carols. The family carol service at St Paul’s Cathedral lasts for 45mins every year, and it is a wonderful opportunity for people to sing and listen to carols in one of London’s most beautiful churches. We made it a point to attend the church services this year and participate in the Christmas carols. Its interior is as spectacular and beautiful as the outside. This year Mumma said I should participate in the Christmas Poetry Recitation competition in our locality.

Some of the famous Christmas traditions followed by people in London are buying Christmas presents for other members of their own family. Some people also give presents to some of their friends. Most British people also give Christmas cards to their friends.

Many people like to put up a Christmas tree in their homes, including many non-Christians. These may be either real trees or artificial ones which are sold in department stores. Electric lights are often used, and other decorations are hung on the branches. It is traditional to put a star or an angel at the top of the tree as these represent the story of the birth of Christ.

This year I am also participating in the Father Christmas and his lovable elves theatre show, which is conducted every year in Hamley’s. I am doing the role play of an elf. There is a delicious snacks party which follows after the theatre and participants shall receive a special gift bag from Father Christmas to take home. Wish me luck everyone.

Merry Christmas!

Helping Mumma and Dadda with Christmas Decorations!

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December is my favorite month. My city looks so vibrant, colorful and positive unlike the rest of the year. There is cheerfulness and happiness in everyone around.  The lights on the houses, the big red bows in department store windows, and the bright reds and greens all over the restaurants makes me so happy from within that I keep telling Dadda that I want to spend the night in the streets and explore the city.  This is my second Christmas and I told Mumma and Dadda to buy me decorative items so that I could decorate our house. So here we go shopping for our Christmas decorations!

To begin with our Christmas celebration Dadda told me the significance of the festival. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with traditions drawn from Christianity as well as other ones personal to our own family. Each family I know follows many of the same traditions as we do. My Christmas is special because of these very traditions which we have formed as a family, like having meals together and decorating our houses to name a few. He also told me about Santa clause one who comes from as far as the North Pole in a carriage flown by reindeers and distributes gifts to children. Now I am a little worried about who will tell Santa Clause what I want as a gift. Dadda told me not to worry about it as he understands our wishes through our prayers. So I am a little relieved!

Nonetheless we begin with buying a special new tree decoration. Christmas spirit is everywhere with the onset of December, the shops play festive music and are usually decorated down to the last detail. Mumma said we should also focus on outdoor Christmas tree decoration. For that we need Electric lights which are a great choice for outdoor Christmas tree decoration, because electric lights are durable, and they add color and light to the winter landscape. Dadda then bought me banners, mantle garlands, grapevine and fruit wreath, candles, decorative balls, boxes and many more.

All three of us started with our Christmas tree decorations. We started with the lighting. Then we proceeded with hanging the wreath of grapevine around the tree. Small gift boxes, bulbs, ribbons, bells adorned our beautiful tree. I was spellbound with our creation. We even made orange cloves by wrapping a ribbon around the orange, twisting at the base, to divide the orange into quarters. This was very exciting as I tried this technique out for the first time.

Besides decoration Dadda and Mumma have decided to distribute gifts like sweets, chocolates, greeting cards, Christmas trees, decorative things, etc to the family members, friends, relatives and neighbors. They said that we would enjoy more if we celebrate with everyone around as the festival is about spreading happiness. We have also made a list of activities like games, songs to play and list of invitees whom we would be inviting at our home for Christmas. Come lets us all celebrate and spread the message of peace and togetherness around.