Today is Mommy’s Birthday. I licked my thumb for the first time. Why do babies suck their thumb?

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Today is Mommy’s Bday. She says she got a good gift seeing me jump around and change positions. What is so great in that? I do that all day.

Appears they also caught me on the Ultrasound when I was sucking my thumb. For them, its the first time to see me do that. My parents are excited and feel good about it. I feel its just something that I was forced to do by act of nature. They say I would have the habbit when young, eeww!

Why do babies suck their thumbs?

Babies feel like it 🙂 They have an urge and it usually goes away after 6 months. Some babies suck their thumbs if they feel hungry or even afraid or restless or just when they have nothing else to do and are bored of chocolates.

Are there any Side Effects of Does thumb-sucking?

Some children who suck their thumbs after the age of 4-5, may be at a risk of dental or speech problems. The teeth to become improperly aligned (malocclusion) or push the teeth outward. This is not something to fear as in most cases it corrects itself when the child stops thumb sucking.

Speech problems caused by thumb-sucking can include not being able to say Ts and Ds, lisping, and thrusting out the tongue when talking.