Does Baby Heart Beat Rate Determines Gender? Fetal Heart Rate for Gender Prediction

Well Well..

Mum and Dad have recently been talking about this. They didn’t know I was listening and making my own notes (Technically I have fingers now)

There seems to be a global rumour amongst Moms-2-Be that Baby’s hear rate helps in predicting the Gender. My Doctor Says I am 160 bpm (beats per minute) at the moment. I will have to wait another 6-7 months to find out the results of this First Hand Test.

However, I can write for now, what I have been hearing from mum and dad.

Until the baby (fetal) is 4 months approximately, it is almost impossible to know the difference. Both male and female heart beats run about the same. It also depends on whether the baby is moving, while conducting the test. If it moves, the heart rate increases.

Sometimes the doctors are almost accurate in identifying but that is not because of the beats, but because of their experience in hearing the sound accurately. It is said that with a girl it would sound more like a fast beating heart, while with a boy it will sound like a horse’s gallop.

Several studies conducted to test this theory actually show that there is no such relationship between the prediction of the gender to that of the heart beat rate.

I am now starting to count my heartbeats 🙂
I hope I get to know before everyone else, whether I would be born a boy or a girl. It will be fun to fool the midwife by moving around when she is doing the next scan.

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