How to Take Care of Our Eyes

Our eyes are the organs which enable us to see the beauty of the world. So it is necessary to take good care of them. Daddy says whenever we face problems with eyesight we should immediately schedule an appointment with an optometrist without delaying it. Today I will share a few tips which are essential in order to maintain good care of our eyes.

1. Good Dietary Habits – Nutrients such as lutein, fatty acid, zinc, vitamin C & E helps to eliminate the possibilities of age-related eyesight problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. Hence consuming green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, kale etc oily fish, egg, nuts, beans, oranges and other citrus fruits is highly recommended.

2. Using UV Protective Sunglasses – Prolonged exposure to sun rays can cause damage to our eyesight. Wearing sunglasses can prevent from harmful conditions of the eyes which are caused due to exposure to UV rays. And one should never look directly into the sun even while wearing sunglasses. The sun rays can cause damage to the sensitive parts of the retina.

3. Adequate Sleep – Inadequate sleep often leads to eye fatigue and causes light sensitivity, blurred or double vision, dryness or excessive tears, difficulty focusing. It is mandatory to get adequate sleep every night to prevent eye fatigue.

4. Regular Exercise – Chances of developing serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are reduced through regular exercise.

5. Read in Well-lit Areas – Reading or working in low light areas can cause strain in the eyes. That is why it is recommended to read in areas which are well lighted. We should stop for a while and take a break if our eyes feel tired.

6. Using Allergen Reducing Eye drop – For soothing itchiness, swelling, scarring, and redness allergen reducing eye drops can be applied during allergy seasons. But we should seek the advice of an eye care practitioner before using such eye drops.

7. Sufficient Intake of Fluid – It is essential to stay hydrated for our body’s overall well being including eyes. Sufficient fluid consumption prevents our eyes from getting dried and irritated.

8. Use Eye Safety Gear – When working with chemicals, power tools or any place with harmful airborne particles one should make sure to wear goggles or another eye protective wear. We should wear goggles while swimming to avoid its exposure to chlorine.

9. Keep Surroundings Clean – We should keep our home and surroundings, clutter-free, clean and well- maintained. Exposure to dust and dirt can cause infection and irritation to eyes.

My mommy says our hands are exposed to dust, dirt, and bacteria so we should avoid rubbing our eyes to prevent infection and irritation.

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