Importance of Cleanliness for Our Overall Wellbeing

There goes a proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Cleanliness refers to keeping our body, mind, and the surroundings neat and clean. My mamma says it is important to cultivate the habit of cleanliness from our childhood. The habitual act of keeping the dirt away and maintaining good health following both personal and environmental hygiene practices refers to cleanliness. In our school, our teacher always speaks about the benefits of acquiring the habit of cleanliness for staying healthy and strong.

Cleanliness Increases Our Confidence Level and Self-Respect:

Since my childhood, my mother makes sure that I wash my hands before having a meal, wear neat and tidy clothes, and take bath regularly to keep the body clean. Cleanliness is not only about keeping ourselves tidy but it is also important to take care of our environment. It is not good to throw wastes here and there and make our locality or the roads untidy. Instead, we should put them in the trash box. Cleanliness improves our confidence level and keeps us happy. Practicing the habit of cleanliness increases our self-respect as well as it helps us get respect from others in the society. Dirt gives rise to moral evil. A person with clean habits can diminish any dirty thoughts and evil desires very easily. Untidy habits spread germs and diseases, therefore to keep our body, house, surroundings, and the environment dirt free and hygienic, it is the first and foremost responsibility of every human being to maintain cleanliness.

Cleanliness Stimulates Our Physical, Social, Mental as well as Intellectual Health:

My father says that cleanliness is a great virtue which should be followed by everyone as a moral responsibility to enhance the standard of our living. In order to maintain cleanliness and make our environment better for a living, we should avoid deforestation and plant more trees. Cleanliness stimulates our physical, social, mental, and intellectual health. People who inculcate dirty habits suffer from various health disorders. Various civil laws and programmes have been implemented by the Government to promote the awareness of cleanliness among common people. It is the responsibility of every individual to understand its multifarious facets to get all the benefits of cleanliness.

Cleanliness Makes Our Lives Orderly and Beautiful:

Cleanliness also leads to beauty. A neat, well-proportioned, symmetrical thing appeals to our aesthetics. By transforming our lives orderly and clean, we can eventually make our lives beautiful. A clean and well-organized environment uplifts our spirit, offers a sense of satisfaction and reduces the level of stress and anxiety. It also creates a good image of our personality to others, whereas people with dirty habits are disliked by all. So from today, let us take an oath of cleanliness and foster the all-round development of our lives.

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