Need of Developing Good Habits to Lead A Good Life

Exercise good for health

Our life is shaped by our habits and manners. For this reason, my mother always talks about the importance of developing good habits since childhood. Mamma says that through good habits and manners we can gain new friends, and create a positive environment around us which will lead to a peaceful and happy life. A person is distinguished in the society on account of their manners and behaviour. Our teacher says, for being a successful person it is important to cultivate good habits. For living a healthy lifestyle, it is important to transform our newly acquired knowledge, exercise plan, eating, and diet plans or inspiration into a daily habit.

Habits refer to the repetition of the same action under a similar situation. Whatever choices we make every day through our thoughts and action develops into a habit. A person with good habits plays a vital role in the development of society on a positive note. Once we let a bad habit to grow, it becomes a part of our nature. Forming good habits such as rising early, eating healthy foods, exercising, reading books, studying, and behaving in a good way with the people around us, has an immense impact in shaping our lifestyle and moral character. Like if we spend our lives in the practice of virtues, our habits will transform into our character. It will shape us to be a stronger person both morally as well as characteristically.

My father says that bad habits such as laziness, disrespecting others, telling lies, hurting others etc. leads to degeneration of our character and prevents us from being successful and becoming a good person. Whereas good habits such as being respectful, humble, courteous, polite, helpful, and showing honesty lead to a successful and strong character. Inculcating good habits from childhood lays the strongest foundation of our life. Mamma and daddy both encourage me to acquire good habits. They correct me and make me understand my flaws so that it does not develop into bad habit eventually. They also practice good habits and it inspires me to follow them and develop such qualities like them.

Some of the good habits which I practice in my life are as follows:

  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Brushing teeth
  • Exercising regularly
  • Reading books and enhancing our knowledge
  • Eating healthy foods for keeping our body and mind sound and fit
  • Throwing waste items in the dustbin
  • Keeping our surroundings clean
  • Taking bath regularly
  • Wearing clean clothes
  • Keeping our house tidy and clean
  • Being punctual and regular
  • Respecting people around us
  • Developing positive thinking
  • Helping people during their need

Daddy says that it is easy to acquire a habit but it is difficult to give it up. So we should not develop bad habits as it can doom and ruin our lives. We should be self-motivated to reach our goal by cultivating good habits and inspire others who are around us.

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