My First Heartbeat – Finally Published! – Day 76

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I tried to escape the Ultrasonic Waves, but Christine finally got me. I even tried to fool mum by making her listen to her own heartbeat, and think it was mine, but I guess fooling the midwife wasn’t as easy as I thought. She got me on the radar eventually!

So go on guys.. listen to this.. nothing interesting, but mum and dad seem super excited. And that makes me feel it must be something to cherish.

Beat Beat..

My First Heartbeat – 26 September 2012 – Deans & Eliburn Medical Practice

10 Week Old Baby Image

10 Week Old Baby Image

Day 75 – Veerica’s First Post on Day 75

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Hello Everyone!

My name has not yet been decided, and I don’t even know if I would be born a  Boy or a Girl. What I do know is that I would be born intelligent, as you can already see from this site, which I have started creating during my “eyes-shut”, “no-brain”, “only-breathing”, “mom-troubling” mode.

This site, as I intend it to be, would be my life-book. From picture, to videos, from music to sketches, from what I do in the classroom to what I eat in dinner, I expect to write everything here. It may kind of bore you at times, but I guess we would get around that :)

I have asked Daddy to help me with this, as I barely have fingers, long enough to type on the keyboard. I am assuming by the time I step into this world, they would make the keyboards much smaller. As I hear from the conversations around me, they seem pretty excited about making everything smaller and slimmer. BTW (By the way), today is my Mom’s B’Day and she has been gifted an iPhone 5. I guess she likes it, because recently I have been hearing a lot of the Marimba Ring Tone.

Aaah.. I need to go back to doing nothing again! See you guys after a nap!