Value of Sharing In Our Life

My parents always say that our moral values are the most remarkable assets of our life. The good habit of sharing enables us to take care of others. Often we have many things which others do not have. By sharing those things with others, we can make them feel happy. When I was small, I used to feel bad to share my toys with my friends and cousins. But my mamma used to encourage me always and talk about the value of giving and sharing. Our school teacher Miss Charlotte says that sharing is fundamental to the advancement of human relationships and civilization. In school, while engaging in various activities we learn to share, cooperate and wait for our turns.

Sharing Gives Us Immense Satisfaction:

The act of sharing not only helps in developing good relationships and rapport but it also gives us immense satisfaction. We can share our toys, chocolates, books and we can share a smile or even our affection. My father always tells me that we should derive enjoyment and pleasure after helping others and this eventually would make us a better person. That is why it is important to inculcate the habit from an early stage of life. Sometimes we feel depressed and anxious but sharing our feelings with others helps us in lessening our burdens and feel comfortable.

Sharing Teaches Us To Take Care:

Sharing not only gives us pleasure but it teaches us the value of taking care of others. It reflects generosity onto other people as it not only centers around sharing our material possessions. By giving our service, goods, time and money we can create a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and children in need. This valuable virtue helps us to gain social happiness and lead a successful life. We can solve many problems by sharing our ideas with others. It teaches us cooperation and how to work with others as well as we become aware of the less fortunate.

Sharing Teaches Us To Cooperate:

Sharing teaches us about cooperation and fairness. If we give a little to others, we can get some from them as well. Through sharing, we learn to negotiate and cope with our disappointments. Mommy encourages me to learn the habit of sharing in every day’s life. When I share or take turns with my friends she praises me and loves me.
Daddy says that through sharing our things with others we can make many new friends in our life and learn to stay with cooperation in our society.

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