Benefits of Painting as a Hobby

Since childhood, I have seen my father painting on huge canvas sheets. Though he is not a professional artist but my Daddy is very much passionate about painting. My intense bond with my father made me fall in love with colours, brushes, papers, pallets etc. Daddy says finding a creative outlet keeps our mind strong while expanding our horizons. Painting provides us fun and enjoyment.
My teacher at school also says that the primary benefits of the painting are promoting our mental health and improving the overall quality of our life.

Today let us discuss some of the benefits of painting:

1. Helps Us To Communicate:
Painting helps us to communicate in a different and personal language. It can offer immense benefit to those who face problems to communicate or express themselves through words for shyness, autism or other such problems. Our paintings sometimes reflect the inner feelings and show what we feel about the world and the beauty around us.

2. Offers Relaxation:
Many people struggle with stress and anxiety and eventually develop mental health issues. Painting provides an emotional release and positively isolates from reality. This generates relaxation and happiness and ultimately lowering the stress level.

3. Creates A Positive Attitude:
When we create a beautiful painting, it encourages a more optimistic attitude toward life. It enhances the development of our personality, self-esteem and our approach towards life. A more positive attitude helps us stay happy and healthy.

4. Develops Problem-Solving Abilities And Motor Skills:
Painting develops our critical thinking abilities. While we are engaged in a painting process, our artistic vision evolves and we eventually develop problem-solving skills. We need to think conceptually to arrive at a solution and painting lets us think in a more clear way. As we learn to hold a pencil or a brush it develops our motor skills by regulating the hand movements and stimulating the brain connections at the same time.

5. Nurtures Emotion:
Painting is often suggested as a treatment for patients who have suffered painful psychological conditions. When we pour our emotions through painting it creates a harmony between our heart and the mind. The visualization and relaxation obtained through painting nurture our emotional and spiritual self.
Daddy tells me that making sketches or painting are very helpful for children as well as for grown-ups. It helps us to relax from the day to day stress of modern lifestyle. I regularly attend painting classes and it gives me lots of fun. I also learn many new things. I can experiment with colours, brushes and papers and create something new and beautiful. Even when I am home, during my leisure time I sit with brush and colour pallet to paint something which my heart suggests. My Mommy and Daddy appreciate my work and they always provide support and encouragement to everything I do.

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